Johnny Blanchard: Remembering The Original "Super-Sub"

Vinny MadioCorrespondent IMarch 26, 2009

His stats aren't superb and his name isn't a household name, but Johnny Blanchard is a guy we should all remember. 

He passed away Wednesday of a heart attack, the former Yankee Outfielder was 76.  He isn't in the Hall of Fame and he is not even a Yankee Great.  But for old time Yankee fans, they will always remember the Super-Sub.

Blanchard, an outfielder who also learned how to play catcher, played alongside Yankee greats such as Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, and Roger Maris. He had his best year in 1961, when he had a batting average of .305, 21 home runs, and 54 RBI.  He played 48 games as a catcher that year, and 30 in the outfield positions. 

While he only had a life time batting average of .239 and only 67 home runs, Johnny Blanchard isn't remembered for his stats.  He is mostly remembered for his versatility and his post season numbers. 

In five World Series, the Sub batted .345 including two home runs in the 1961 World Series matchup against the Cincinnati Reds.  The Yankees won that  World Series in five games.  They also won another one with Blanchard on the team, in all, Johnny Blanchard appeared in five World Series in his Career.

Blanchard is also one of four Yankees to hit a home run in four consective at-bats. 

I might of never got to see him play, and learned everything I know about him from stories from my father and baseball books, but Johnny Blanchard will always be a true Yankee to Yankee fans.