Video of Kevin Garnett and Gerald Wallace's Awkward X-Mas Day Altercation

Jonathan WassermanNBA Lead WriterDecember 25, 2012

In a game that was pretty much one-sided throughout, frustration played a role in a brief altercation between Kevin Garnett and Gerald Wallace.

For whatever reason, Wallace refused to let go of Garnett's shorts. Why he was holding onto them for dear life to begin with is anybody's guess, but tempers started to flare when Andray Blatche felt it necessary to get involved.

Once Blatche gets in the middle, he sets off Garnett, which requires Courtney Lee to get involved, and so on.

While both teams downplayed the skirmish from their previous meeting, which saw Rajon Rondo wrestling Kris Humphries into the stands after a hard foul on Garnett, there seems to be some bad blood lingering between these Eastern Conference contenders. 

The altercation won't lead to any suspensions, but it was worth noting, considering the recent history between these teams. Expect the tension to remain high, as both squads will be competing for playoff positioning over the next few months.