Silence of the McMahons

Celeste WinchesterSenior Analyst IMarch 26, 2009

The truth behind the DDT on Stephanie

Orton’s silent chat to Stephanie"

"I can smell your perfume that sweet, delicate scent
You use Evyan skin cream.
And sometimes you wear L'Air du Temps.
But not today.
Today you wear the sweetest scent of them all, the sickening sweet scent of fear

Ah yes, here you are at my mercy and how sweet it is.

The million-dollar princess, don’t get too confident, Stephanie; you're only one generation from being poor white trash, the whole world knows your father was just that.

That was before he made his millions by using and abusing the talent at his fingertips, my father was part of the talent that your father used and abused

I know that you can hear me, Stephanie. And I am sorry for the DDT, but it was necessary, as I need your undivided attention.

You see, Stephanie. I wasn't born a heartless sociopath, I was made one through years of systematic abuse by this company at the hands of your Father, brother, and worthless egomaniacal husband.
They are to blame for all of this, can't you see that?

Tell me, Stephanie: Do you still hear them?
Do you still hear the screams of the McMahon’s through the night; does the sound of the punt keep you awake?

Sweet Stephanie, did you really think that if you saved Hunter that the screaming would stop? Did you think that you wouldn’t wake up in the dark ever again to that awful screaming of the McMahon’s and the never ending echo of the sound of their skulls cracking under the force of my punt?

It didn’t  have to be like this Stephanie; none of this would have happened if you had just taken the time to apologize for assaulting me.
You could have been the fourth and final member of legacy

Can you hear me?
If I close my eyes, I can still feel the tingling sensation on my cheek, the softness of your skin.
So delicate, so silky and soft.
And now it’s all to late, your slap destroyed my pride and now I will destroy everything that means anything to you.

Sleep well, million-dollar princess, don't let the screams of the McMahon's disturb your dreams, of you and me and what could have been, all that is left is this tender kiss to seal your fate."