They Don't Call It a Circus For Nothing...

AnthonyCorrespondent IMarch 26, 2009

Already the forces that may be have weighed in on the many of what is sure to be a circus of farces. F1 just doesn't have enough rings to go around. The debate over a rule interpretation on the diffuser has already damaged the season and there is still an hour to go before the first practise.

Then we have the Bernie and Max comedy act on how many rule changes can we make before the season starts? One week before the season starts proposals are made to change the points system for what reason?

The issue with the diffuser is really of utmost concern however. Surely the FIA had to have known ,yes it is in the rule book, that the teams put forward their design proposal for the forthcoming season.

Also it gives allowances for other teams to voice concern over technicalities. Was any of this done? No; lets wait until the season starts and irreparable harm is done to the sports reputation.

If one of the teams  just happens to win a point, we all know how important a point can be, will the FIA come in and take the points and money away? Who already can see a red mist ?

Brawn GP, Toyota and Williams are fighting for their life and those points can be the sustaining life blood ,money, into their respective teams have now got a cloud hanging over them.

It doesn't just hang over them it hangs above the sport like an odor of piss. The longer it's there the more it smells. If this isn't a reason for FOTA to kick Bernie and Max to the kerb I don't know what is.