Video: Watch Chris Paul Star in Clever Christmas Day Commercial

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As NBA fans, we have plenty of reasons to love Chris Paul. He seems like a classy fella, he's single-handedly turned the Los Angeles Clippers from pretenders into contenders, and the man is simply a ton of fun to watch.

Then, this State Farm Insurance commercial debuting on Christmas Day gives us a whole new reason to go out and buy his jersey.

Paul assumes two roles: himself and his long-lost twin, Cliff Paul. The two lead completely different lives, but they share one common trait. Both are "born to assist."

The fun part is the double meaning on the word "assist." In Chris' case, it means being a team player in basketball and dishing the ball off to teammates rather than take the shot himself.

Cliff's case, however, is far different. Looking like the love child of Steven Q. Urkel and Carlton Banks, the assists he dishes out are to the common man, be it helping them with car trouble with a CSI-like intensity or just tossing donuts to coworkers.

Oh, and when the two long-lost brothers unwittingly bump into each other, the look on Chris' face?? Oh my...PRICELESS!!!!

I'll be honest. This commercial is so enjoyable that it deserves a sequel, specifically one where Chris needs to call State Farm and Cliff is his agent. Let the awkward sibling conversation and hilarity ensue!

Should you find yourself watching some basketball on this fine Christmas Day, keep your eyes peeled for this commercial and just watch as it adds to your already-bountiful holiday cheer.

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