3 Changes the Los Angeles Dodgers Should Make Before Spring Training

Kevin Goldberg@kevin_goldbergCorrespondent IDecember 25, 2012

3 Changes the Los Angeles Dodgers Should Make Before Spring Training

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    The Los Angeles Dodgers have made tremendous moves in the past 12 months and have changed the face of the franchise since the coming of the new Magic Johnson-led ownership.

    Their new billion-dollar TV deal and matched spending habits have led many, including myself, to call them the “West Coast Yankees.” 

    However, there are still questions, and subsequent changes to be made in order for the Dodgers to achieve the desired well-balanced team to potentially bring a World Series to L.A. 

1. Solidify Bullpen

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    With Kenley Jansen most likely spearheading the 9th inning closer position, the rest of the bullpen remains in question. Brandon League, Javy Guerra, Ronald Bellisario and possibly highly-touted South Korean talent Ryu Hyun-jin will be manning the bullpen; it’s still in question how “shut down” they will be.

    Looking at recent championship teams, they all had extremely reliable bullpens. 

2. Who's Going to Catch?

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    Oh, how the Dodgers wish they had a Buster Posey or Matt Wieters—young, talented and reliable catchers.

    Instead, the Dodgers unfortunately have to rely on A.J. Ellis at least until prospect Tim Federowicz is called up and shows he can play every day. The Dodgers previewed their future, albeit briefly, last year. 

    There are still viable options at the free agency level. Rod Barajas, Miguel Olivo and even Matt Treanor could be suitable for a one-year trial stint until Federowicz is ready. 

3. Everyday Third Baseman

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    Lets face it Dodger fans, with all the talent on the 2012 roster, none of it was spent at the third base position. 

    Juan Uribe can’t look like anything except an $8 million mistake and Luis Cruz has been spectacularly unimpressive. 

    Cruz hit only 40 RBI in 2012 and has a career .270 batting average. These statistics would be bearable if he was the only option for the Dodgers, however, there are free agents more talented.

    Ty Wigginton, Brandon Inge and Scott Rolen have yet to sign with a team and could fit in nicely with the revamped Dodgers. 

    What do you think? Are the Dodgers content with their current roster, or do they need to make changes?