TNA: What Went Wrong

Steven DavisonCorrespondent IMarch 26, 2009

After a brief hiatus from watching all things wrestling I just caught up on TNA's Destination X pay-per-view. It's safe to say that this is the one of the worst events I have seen in my three year stint of watching TNA programming. The for my dislike of TNA as an entity now is because of three major things:

The amount of gimmicks involved.

The watered down version of the X-Division.

Random talent.

The first of the two drastic flaws is the biggest, I do not understand why TNA's creative team feel the need to repackage a great talent like Samoa Joe with this poor "Nation of Violence" gimmick.

They have taken a legitimate tough guy with a straight forward gimmick that was working and turned it on it's head and lost alot of impact from Joe as a character. Not only have they given Joe a less than impressive gimmick but they have also given Christopher Daniels the "Suicide" character.

For one, why make an actual wrestler like Kaz a gimmick of a video game character (from a game that wasn't all that good) and then have Kaz replaced by Christopher Daniels because of an injury?

Then at Destination X they gave Suicide the title over; Sabin, Shelley and Machismo, three great wrestlers who are all deserving of an X-Division title run. Also they gave Suicide the title without having being in any story lines except for the occasional run in and beat down.

This shows to what extent the TNA creative will go to give anyone any old gimmick. Another example of this is "The Governor" character, why take a great talent (Daphney) and make a fake Sarah Palin? Someone who wasn't that popular, so why get someone to impersonate her?

The second mistake that TNA has made over the last year or so is watering down the strong pool of X-Division talent.

As of late TNA have come to the release of Petey Williams which the reasoning behind was unclear, but the effect it had was unmissible as he was he had a major impact (no pun intended) on the X-Division throughout his time with the company as he had a combined reign of over 300 days.

Another promising talent that was released recently was; Sonjay Dutt, despite losing alot of his credibility during the Dutt/Lethal escopade he was still a highly athletic and promising young performer in the X-Division.

The final mistake that TNA has made during the last year is the signing of random talent to the roster. Not to take away from TNA's talent pool, but they are making signing's left right and center.

Firstly they signed Brutus Magnus, being a Brit myself I thought it would have been a good addition to the roster. But after seeing him in the ring, no matter how short of a time he was on Gladiator's doesn't mean he's a good wrestler.

Then they sign Jenna Morasca (yeah that girl off Survivor) on the TNA website it quotes her saying "I’ve been a fan of professional wrestling my entire life." Doesn't she know it takes more than being a "fan" of wrestling to get into the ring and perform week in and week out.

Then the final one and the biggest of all that really "grind's my gears" is the Lock Down pay per view event, it has a great talent in the form of Eric Young taking on Danny Bonaduce.

Yes Eric Young can make something out of nothing but why do it on a pay per view? It doesn't make a lot of sense having a forty eight year old man in a cage match with having limited time in ring against a hot up and coming talent who will have to scrape together a good match just to save any dignit he'll have left.