New Age Outlaws Return Will Be WWE's Christmas Gift to All Involved

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistDecember 24, 2012

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Oh, you didn't know [music break], Ho Ho Ho!

The New Age Outlaws is our Christmas gift from WWE. A gift for the audience, locker room and them.

We saw the return of the tag team last week on the Slammy Awards episode of Raw. Then, WWE had added them to several non-televised live events coming up in the next week. I can't guarantee or say that I can guarantee it, but it looks good that more New Age Outlaws on WWE television is around the corner.

WWE likes to use live events as a test or warm-up period. If CM Punk is going to fight Ryback at a pay-per-view, it's common to see those two fight on every non-televised live event for the weeks leading up to the pay-per-view.

If there's a new character or change to character, it's common to see that debut in front of WWE audience at non-televised live events before television.

The New Age Outlaws could be on the horizon for some type of return to the ring in WWE to give a shot in the arm to the tag division. One thing we can say about 2012 is tag team wrestling came back to life in WWE. Especially in the second half of the year, consistency and television time was given to the division.

Road Dogg and Billy Gunn still got it. I've worked with these two and seen them in the ring as a tag team in the past year and a half. They're great people. They still got it physically, the crowd still cares and they're healthy in ever sense of the word, physically, mentally and emotionally. Clean from the toxic life they once lived while still capable of capturing some of the magic they once had every Monday night.

Imagine the possibilities. Rhodes Scholars versus New Age Outlaws. Damien Sandow did get taken out by DX at Raw 1000, so there certainly is an easy starting point there. All the intellectual talk of men in their 40s still trying to act like sophomores.

How about New Age Outlaws versus Prime Time Players. Give us an old-fashioned DX style parody promo where the Outlaws come out and do their best PTP impersonation. Imagine the mocking of the PTP dance, Titus barking and the glitter T-shirts they wear.

When you build a superstar(s) for years, the eventual hope is when the time comes that you can use the credibility the superstar(s) has acquired and use it to benefit someone below them. They call it giving someone a rub. Otherwise, what's the point a star rising to the top with all the accolades if you're just going to toss them aside?

Everybody passes a torch. New Age Outlaws never got to give back to those younger than them. Never got to use the impressive status they gained and give back to WWE. They gave back to some tag teams on the independent scene. They gave to some in TNA under a different name. They've never gave back to WWE.

WWE split the two of them up while still in the prime of their WWE careers, as injury and personal problems got in the way. The next thing you know, the New Age Outlaws were gone from WWE and didn't get to help put over the next tag team. Luckily for WWE, the Dudleys, Hardys and Edge and Christian all got put over by three weapons in a match known as TLC.

Road Dogg works as an agent/producer for WWE and helps the talent with their matches, promos and overall characters. Billy Gunn is now officially a developmental trainer for WWE. These are the two jobs for the long haul. These are two jobs these established veterans can give their talents back behind the scenes.

Give these two established veterans one more run to give their talents back in front of the cameras. The fans deserve it. The locker room deserves it. The New Age Outlaws deserve it.