Super Sweet 16 All-Hottie Team

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Super Sweet 16 All-Hottie Team

Once a year, usually around the first week of March, this amazing phenomenon occurs.

It's actually quite similar to what happens during those late, crazy hours at the bar when you are just so attracted to a member of the opposite sex that you take them home with you only to wake up the next morning with a splitting headache and a very ugly person next to you.

People call this crazy phenomenon the case of the "beer goggles" (or if it was really bad, a case of Lasik Eye Surgery).

During March Madness I pull out, what I like to call, my trusty "basketball goggles."

See, every year during March Madness I look for the hottest guys on the team. Hey, look, if I'm going to watch 65 basketball games you better believe I want some eye candy, okay!

I have always had a thing for basketball boys, especially when they are on the court playing. And every March I find dozens of hot men to cheer for, only to wake up in April and go, um, "why on earth was I screaming my head off for Purdue?

I don't even like Purdue!"

I've had a bunch of requests for a piece on the hottest and sexiest college basketball players but kept putting it off because unlike football players with their rock solid physiques or baseball with, well, Derek Jeter, basketball players are usually really tall, lanky and often, very goofy looking—especially in college ball when these youngun's are not fully developed.

See, the funny thing about some of these oh-so-hot-guys on-the-court is....well...I wouldn't look twice at most of them if they were walking down the street by themselves or worked in an office.

But throw them on a basketball court where I can watch them play and look out.

On the court they just possess this amazing skill and precision. There is power and agility combined with their dedication and leadership. And if they can hit a three-point shot, or run the point and direct the court, well forget it, I'm half in love already.

And off the court when they are rolling with the whole team to the bar or strutting around campus (shut up, I know I'm not actually in college anymore.

I have a great memory though) it's their attitude, their swagger that just has most women hooked.

My very long-winded babbling point is: do not judge a basketball player by his pictures. They often look so much better when they are playing on the court and you have your basketball goggles fully in place.

I'll admit, some of the players I picked for my Super Sweet 16 look very odd in pics. But get them on the court and well, HOT DAMN!

I am giving you my list by Sweet 16 matchups, not necessarily in order of hotness. Although by pure luck the first game is Purdue-UConn which puts Purdue as my first hottie and he is by far my favorite!

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