Nick Foles Clearly Isn't Face of Eagles Franchise, but These 5 QBs Could Be

Nick Kostora@@nickkostoraContributor IIIDecember 24, 2012

Nick Foles Clearly Isn't Face of Eagles Franchise, but These 5 QBs Could Be

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    Since taking over for Michael Vick, Nick Foles has failed to look like the long-term answer for the Philadelphia Eagles at quarterback.

    He has been uncomfortable in the pocket, thrown a multitude of inaccurate passes and failed to develop any chemistry with the rest of the offense.

    Some of his failures can assuredly be attributed to a lack of experience, but he does not seem capable of becoming the face of the franchise.

    Which quarterbacks could?

    From potential free agents and draft picks to players sitting on the trading block, let's look at five QBs that could be the face of the Philadelphia franchise. 

5. Aaron Murray

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    Every list needs a long shot, and that is where Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Aaron Murray comes into play.

    At 6'1", 212 pounds, Murray does not possess the physical traits usually associated with a franchise QB, but he has one of the strongest arms in the country and shows tremendous courage in the pocket. Murray is unafraid to step into any throw, regardless of pressure, and quickly learns from his mistakes.

    Philadelphia may not want to take another mid-round gamble on a QB, and that would be understandable, but if it is willing to venture into risky waters, then Murray could be a real gem.

4. Jason Campbell

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    Seeing Jason Campbell on this list may make a few people squirm.

    After all, he looked terrible in relief of Jay Cutler this season in Chicago.

    However, Campbell was actually playing good football in Oakland last season before the keys to the franchise were given to Carson Palmer.

    Campbell had a 60.4 completion percentage and threw six touchdowns compared to four interceptions in six games of action. He has underrated mobility and can move the pocket laterally, which would greatly benefit the Eagles' less-than-stellar offensive line.

    Campbell is still relatively young at 30 years old, and at worst, would provide legitimate competition for Foles. At best, he could be the leader of the Eagles franchise.

3. Matt Barkley

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    Matt Barkley's stock has clearly taken a hit since last season. A can't-miss prospect has turned into a first-rounder with question marks.

    Still, Barkley is a solid 6'2", 230 pounds and is the best QB the 2013 class has to offer. Geno Smith has potential, but Philadelphia is likely exhausted with mobile QBs (Michael Vick, Donovan McNabb, Vince Young).

    A player that Philadelphia can build around is needed, and Barkley could be a popular choice at the top of the draft. There are serious questions about his arm strength, but it is not crazy to predict Barkley hoisting an Eagles jersey during April's draft.

2. Matt Flynn

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    Ah, yes, Matt Flynn.

    Remember last offseason when Flynn was the hottest quarterback on the free-agency market?

    Well, we all know that he went to Seattle and lost a QB battle to Russell Wilson. Philadelphia could try to bring him in to either push Foles or take over the starting job himself.

    Flynn is still an unproven commodity, so this may not be the ideal solution, but he is one of the most enticing options on the table.

1. Alex Smith

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    For every reason that the San Francisco 49ers moved on from Alex Smith as a starter, the Philadelphia Eagles should find a way to trade for him.

    Smith is a consistent presence that has years of experience and rarely makes mistakes. Philadelphia could use some continuity within the offense, and Smith would provide just that.

    Smith is often accused of being a "game manager," but with all the weapons on the Eagles roster, that may be all that is needed. Plus, his statistics before going down with injury this season were rather impressive.

    He had 13 touchdowns and just five interceptions in nine games of action. Smith is in many ways the "anti-Vick," and perhaps that is the perfect direction for the next Eagles regime to take.