Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins Preview and Predictions

Aaron NaglerNFL National Lead WriterDecember 23, 2012

No one, apart from maybe some diehard fans, gave the Washington Redskins much of a chance to make the playoffs this year, let alone win the division. 

Yet they could do both with a win over the Dallas Cowboys in Week 17. 

Of course, the Cowboys themselves are right back where they were in Week 17 last year—win and they are in. Lose, and they are just another average 8-8 team heading home for the playoffs. 

For as banged up as the 'Boys have been on the defensive side of the ball, you have to be impressed by the way they've been able to hang together down the stretch. But the matchup with the Redskins, and against RGIII and Alfred Morris in particular, present a tough test all around. 

In the video above, we look at these and a few other matchups that we think will play a major role in the outcome of the game and give our predictions. Let us know in the comments below who you think wins the game and why.