Titans vs. Packers: Tennessee's Biggest Winners and Losers in Week 16

Quinn Cretton@@QuinnCrettonCorrespondent IDecember 23, 2012

Titans vs. Packers: Tennessee's Biggest Winners and Losers in Week 16

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    Facing a Green Bay Packers team that is still in the hunt for a first-round bye in the postseason, the Tennessee Titans came out flat on Sunday. The Packers were more than happy to pile on, as Tennessee fell to 5-10 on the season with a 55-7 loss.

    The Titans defense, after a strong performance against New York on Sunday, failed to pressure Aaron Rodgers—the reigning MVP picked apart the Tennessee secondary while the Packers running game showed signs of life for one of the few times this season.

    Jake Locker and the Tennessee offense, for the second consecutive week, failed to move the ball and put points on the board, scoring their only points late in the fourth quarter to end the potential shutout.

Winner: Zach Brown

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    As he has for much of the second half of the season, the Titans rookie linebacker looked to be the best player on the Tennessee defense against Green Bay.

    Brown piled up nine tackles, demonstrating excellent closing speed in space when the Packers elected to run in his direction.

    Unfortunately for Brown, he seemed to be the only Titans defender that wanted to be on the field today, and as a result of the overall terrible team effort, is the lone "winner" on the Tennessee roster.

Loser: Jake Locker

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    For the second straight week, Jake Locker looked scared in the pocket and was incredibly erratic with his throws, tossing a pair of interceptions and completing just 30.2% of his passes in the loss.

    Though it is still too early to wave the white flag on the Locker project, the Titans quarterback has dealt with injuries and has seemingly regressed as the season has gone on. Some questions about just how bright his future is must be arising in Nashville.

    The Titans offensive line is a disaster and the receiving options are lackluster, but at some point Locker needs to start placing the ball better and show a willingness to make throws while inside the pocket.

Losers: Titans Offensive Line

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    It's difficult to expect too much from an offensive line as banged up as the Titans, but the entire unit seemed to get beat consistently throughout the game against Green Bay.

    Locker was constantly forced to scramble for his life while Chris Johnson was unable to find his way into space as the Packers front seven were able to penetrate at will.

    Regardless of injuries, something will need to change next week against Jacksonville or else it's unlikely the offense will be able to have much more success than they have the last two weeks.

Loser: Titans Defense

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    With the possible exception of Zach Brown and Akeem Ayers, the entire Titans defense should hang their head in shame after that performance.

    Regardless of the opponent, surrendering 55 points and getting beaten in essentially every aspect of the game is embarrassing and simply unforgivable.

    The Titans defense has had more than its share of poor games this year, but this represents the rock bottom of a year that simply cannot end soon enough.