Ryback: Why Moving to SmackDown Would Guarantee a Title Victory

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIDecember 24, 2012


Since it is the holiday season and I am in the giving mood, it think it is only fitting to finally give Ryback what he so desires—the World Heavyweight Title.

What? Yes, you heard me. I said the World Heavyweight Title. The one currently being worn by The Big Show, the one that Ric Flair wore and the one that greats like Triple H and The Undertaker have also donned. The one made famous when Flair showed up on Raw, with title in hand, and made Bobby Heenan so happy, he almost wet himself.

Yes, that World Heavyweight Title.

Wouldn't that make sense? I mean, c'mon man, see the writing on the wall. Seeing as how CM Punk will face The Rock at the Royal Rumble, I cannot see "The Big Hungry" getting a title shot until February. While it makes sense to give Ryback a WWE Title shot at the Royal Rumble, making history with The Rock and Punk is the way the WWE wants to go.

Make that Vince McMahon's mode of thinking.

When Ryback injured Punk prior to TLC, McMahon released a statement that Ryback would get a WWE Title shot. But how can that happen with all the glamour of Rock and Punk meeting and the constant play on The Shield? And with the current state of SmackDown, although the thought of product branding has become an afterthought, it makes sense to at least explore the option.

This happens a few ways.

First, Dolph Ziggler must finally cash in that damn MITB contract and get rid of the albatross that's been hanging around him. I am not sure he does this against The Big Show, but it would make sense if it happened should Sheamus regain the title.

Once the title changes hands, then Ryback comes out and challenges Ziggler.

Another scenario is this. 

Ryback enters the Royal Rumble and wins. On the card, Punk faces The Rock and wins. Sheamus beats Big Show and afterward, Ziggler cashes in. Ryback then decides he wants to face Ziggler for the World Title.

This also allows for other feuds to materialize. Could there be another run for Kane since Big Show claimed the World Title? Does John Cena get another shot at Punk? Do we see a "Streak vs. Streak" match at WrestleMania 29 between Punk and Undertaker?

Or does someone else come out of the shadows and win the World Title, which complicates the situation even more? All of this is a delicious twist in what has become a troublesome soap opera.

But it all fits together. 

It also means ratings could increase and fans will get behind Ryback as the lead face on Fridays.

While it all seems kind of complicated, it is quite easy to understand. And in the end, it would make "The Big Hungry" very happy this holiday season. And it would also leave this fan wanting to know if it can be pulled off in the first place.