WWE Analysis: Could Turning 3MB Babyface Make Them the Next 'Too Cool'?

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistDecember 23, 2012

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

The group comprised of Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal has raised a few eyebrows since they formed a couple of months ago, but they have not had the level of success they hoped to reach yet.

These three men did not look like they fit together on paper, and they look even less like they fit together in real life.

The group is a faux rock band who never actually performs any music, but rather plays air guitar. Michael Cole has assured us Mahal is playing an air sitar on several occasions.

The group is more ridiculous that anything, which may actually be their most valuable quality.

Another somewhat ridiculous group that began as a heel team and became babyfaces with similar ridiculousness and went on to become fan favorites started in a similar position.

Too Cool was a heel tag team comprised of Brian "Grandmaster Sexay" Christopher and Scott "Scotty Too Hotty" Taylor.

When they joined forces with Rikishi, they became a babyface group that fans loved for their over-the-top performances and inane dances.

3MB has a lot of the qualities that made Too Cool a winning team, and if leveraged properly, those qualities could help them be well-liked babyfaces.

Another good reason to try this is that all three of these characters have been heels since joining the company, and this could be the perfect time to test the waters with them as good guys.

WWE is very kid-focused these days, and the rockstar characters could get over big with kids if booked properly.

The talent is there. The will to work is there. All these guys need is some support from somebody. They clearly don't have it backstage judging from the lack of a push, so having the fans provide that support is the next best option.

Another positive to turning the group into babyfaces would be that WWE would have a positive Indian character other than the infrequently-used Khali.

His old heel gimmick has been done many times before, and it did not give him the opportunity to be original in any way. The 3MB gimmick could give him that chance.

McIntyre was a decent heel when he was being pushed, but Slater never really clicked for some reason.

He is a solid worker who has never been in front of the WWE audience as a babyface, which could end up being the way he connects best with the crowd.

All three members of 3MB have the talent to go far in WWE, but they need the right angle for their current gimmick to work, and changing them to good guys might be that angle.


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