3 Trades the Golden State Warriors Should Be Pitching

Benjamin Cruz@cruzkontrolFeatured ColumnistDecember 22, 2012

3 Trades the Golden State Warriors Should Be Pitching

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    The Warriors' fast start to this season is beginning to catch the attention of those outside of the Bay Area. David Lee and Stephen Curry are turning in some All-Star-caliber numbers while the defense and rebounding is far superior than any of the past few seasons.

    With all that, you can bet that general manager Bob Myers and his staff are always brainstorming ways to get better and give the Bay Area fans an on-court product they can be proud of. However, given the current financial status of the team (just above the luxury tax line) it looks like no major deals will be struck that would change the landscape of the Warriors.

    But just because the likelihood of Golden State pulling off a trade is slim to none, that doesn't mean we can't examine some potential trades that the Warriors could pitch to other teams this season.

Jefferson/Bazemore to Atlanta for Johan Petro/DeShawn Stevenson/Anthony Morrow

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    The Hawks don't have a logjam at small forward like the Warriors do and would therefore be able to find a place for Jefferson in their rotation. He would provide the Hawks with a solid veteran presence at small forward and basically be the complete opposite of Josh Smith—nonathletic and can shoot the ball—which would actually be good for Atlanta given their lack of shooting when Smith is on the floor.

    The three players Atlanta would be shipping off don't seem to be favorites of coach Larry Drew. Although Stevenson is currently slated as the starter, they could very well find someone to replicate his 6.8 points per game and thus wouldn't be a big blow to the Hawks

    For the Warriors, none of the three players they would be getting in return would be real difference makers (although a Morrow return would be interesting), but getting rid of Jefferson' mammoth contract ($10 million per year) could be enough to at least consider this.

    Plus, having DeShawn Stevenson on the team could add some spiciness to the roster that would make every single game a must-watch.

Andris Biedrins for Anyone

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    Have you ever seen a bag full of $9 million sitting doing absolutely nothing? Well, if you haven't, Andris Biedrins is the human version of that $9 million bag.

    Biedrins has actually shown flashes this season of being a somewhat competent NBA center once again. And by competent, I mean rebounding a little bit, challenging shots in the paint and being a body capable of picking up six fouls.

    His still sets back offensive basketball about 30 years, but there has to be a team or two out there that has seen his incremental improvement and desperately needs a center to log some minutes as well as just be a big body. There are individuals who have carved out NBA careers not being able to score the basketball (Hi Reggie Evans).

    If the Warriors can get anything for Biedrins at this point, whether it be a late second-round pick, a bench player who will never see the court or a strawberry Pop Tart, Golden State needs to do it and get Biedrins as far away as possible from Northern California.

The Flying Dubs to the Santa Cruz Warriors for Mav'Riks (the New Mascot)

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    Ever since the Seattle Supersonics became the Oklahoma City Thunder, not only did they become one of the best teams in the NBA, but they forced out the Warriors' old mascot, Thunder, leaving the team mascot-less for the better part of four years.

    There is still ample entertainment at Oracle Arena with the Warriors Girls, Hoop Troop (professional prize-givers) and Flying Dubs (trampoline dunkers/acrobats) but to not have a mascot patrolling the sidelines when you have as cool of a name as the "Warriors" is just flat out disappointing.

    Therefore, I propose that the Golden State Warriors make a trade with their D-League affiliate, Santa Cruz Warriors, and trade them the Flying Dubs for their newly unveiled mascot, Mav'Riks.


    Yes, I understand Mav'Riks doesn't exactly look like someone that would represent what a Warrior is, but his almost Ninja Turtle-like appearance very much gives off the vibe that he could be a Warrior-type figure.

    The Flying Dubs, on the other hand, could rule Santa Cruz. Everyone at Oracle has seen their Slamball-esque dunks and they don't have the same effect on the crowd as they used to so a new set of eyes in Santa Cruz would serve them very well.