5 Trades the Detroit Pistons Should Already Be Considering

Jay Wierenga@@JayWierengaCorrespondent IDecember 22, 2012

5 Trades the Detroit Pistons Should Already Be Considering

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    The Detroit Pistons might be the perfect example of a team that is primed for a trade (or six). They have a solid group of young players that are currently blocked in the rotation by veteran players with trade value and contracts that won't kill you as a franchise.

    They also have a good number of expiring deals, which can be like gold to franchises looking to get out from under deals that they may regret.

    While fans of this franchise might be tempted to question just how much value some of their players have, they would be wise to remember that this is a grass-is-greener kind of league in which general managers are perpetually looking on other rosters for the spark that could get their fans excited.

    For Detroit, here are five trades this franchise should already be considering.

Detroit Trades Tayshaun Prince to Minnesota Timberwolves for J.J. Barea

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    The Pistons need to finally turn the page on Tayshaun Prince. He has lost a step or two from his prime, his defense is not what it used to be and he just simply doesn't fit with an up-tempo Detroit team.

    That being said, he could still have some value to a young team looking for veteran leadership and skill for their bench.

    The Wolves are on the verge of breaking out, and being dealt to a team on the upswing could revitalize Prince.

    For Detroit, dealing Prince would clear the way to move Kyle Singler back to his natural position of small forward and would clear out minutes for Khris Middleton and Kim English.

    In receiving J.J. Barea, Detroit would have a true point guard to either take over for Brandon Knight or back him up. If they plugged Barea into the starting lineup, Knight could be shifted to his more natural shooting guard position.

    Additionally, the Pistons could ask for Chase Budinger and his expiring deal to make the contracts sync.

Detroit Trades Rodney Stuckey to Memphis for Darrell Arthur, Two Others

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    The Detroit Pistons need to make some changes. Their overall roster has gotten stale, partly due to the fact that their veterans rarely bring a consistent performance. It is time to turn over control of this team to the young core of Brandon Knight, Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond.

    One of the bigger trade pieces that Detroit has is Rodney Stuckey. He has a manageable contract, but a high-scoring sixth man is a luxury the Pistons don't need right now.

    The Grizzlies are on the verge of being a very special team this year, but they have a hole at their shooting guard spot. Tony Allen is a solid perimeter defender, but doesn't bring much more to the table.

    Stuckey would immediately become a starter in Memphis. His ability to get to the hoop would take pressure off of Mike Conley and open up easy scoring opportunities for the Grizzlies' big men.

    In return, the Pistons could ask for Allen, talented big man Darrell Arthur, Josh Selby and a protected first-round pick.

    Allen has an expiring deal, freeing up $3 million for Detroit next season. Arthur would provide depth off of the bench and Selby could be groomed to be a backup point guard.

    Detroit would have to wait until mid-January for this deal since Arthur re-signed this past offseason, has Bird rights and received a raise from his previous contract.

Detroit Trades Maxiell and Prince to San Antonio for Stephen Jackson, Picks

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    OK, so on its face this seems like a bad deal for Detroit.

    Stephen Jackson offers little but the occasional three-pointer and some serious attitude at this point in his career.

    But he has an expiring deal of over $10 million coming off of the books after this year. Heck, the Pistons could just let him stay home for the rest of the year and it wouldn't hurt them.

    However, it would free up a number of valuable minutes on this team for young guys.

    It is time for Andre Drummond to start in Detroit. Everyone knows it. This kid is just too talented and exciting to play less than 20 minutes per game.

    The Pistons could also ask for a lottery protected first-round pick or even a second-rounder.

    Similarly, the Pistons need to free up space for their young swingmen to prove themselves.

    The Spurs would be adding two battle-tested veterans to bolster their bench.

    And it offers Prince and Jason Maxiell a chance to go to a contender.

Detroit Trades Tayshaun Prince to Oklahoma City for Eric Maynor, Perry Jones

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    The Oklahoma City Thunder suddenly find themselves in a very stacked Western Conference.

    The Memphis Grizzlies, Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors are the newest contenders they are dealing with. Add the always great San Antonio Spurs and a Dallas Mavericks team that will be dangerous once Dirk Nowitzki comes back, and you have some serious talent out west.

    This is sure to turn into an arms race sooner or later, and the Thunder need to bolster their bench.

    Prince would provide defense and a consistent scorer. He also doesn't have a contract that will kill them.

    For Detroit, Eric Maynor would provide good depth at the point guard position. Besides, if it doesn't work out he has an expiring deal.

    Jeremy Lamb and Perry Jones are intriguing talents, but developing young guys at those positions is a luxury that the Thunder don't have. They need to win now, and Prince helps them with that.

Detroit Trades Austin Daye to Denver for Timofey Mozgov

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    Really, at this point I would consider trading Austin Daye for a washing machine.

    The Detroit Pistons have begun playing Daye recently, and he is picking up right where he left off last year.

    He has terrible defensive instincts, he is too thin to play down low and he continues to struggle with his shot.

    Given coach Lawrence Frank's insistence that minutes are earned through merit, it would seem that Daye is being showcased for a potential trade.

    For Denver, Daye does provide something that they don't really have on their roster: a stretch four. He can create space down low for Kenneth Faried, Kosta Koufos and JaVale McGee with his perimeter shot, which is going to come back.

    Detroit gets the expiring deal of Timofey Mozgov. He provides little except for a big body off of the bench.