Christmas Gifts for the MMA Fan in Your Life

Nathan McCarterFeatured ColumnistDecember 22, 2012

Christmas Gifts for the MMA Fan in Your Life

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    Christmas is just a few days away and perhaps you have still yet to purchase that special gift for the MMA fan on your list.

    Fans can be hard to shop for. What size to get? Would they actually use this?

    As you start to get nervous as the special day approaches, we here at Bleacher Report are here to help you. No matter the age of the fan there is something out there to wrap and surprise him with.

    If you have run out of ideas of what to put in the box to wrap here are several gift ideas to help please the MMA fan on your shopping list.

Action Figures

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    If your special someone is a youngster or a collector, then action figures could be a great choice.

    There are two main lines of action figures out on the market today: Jakks Pacific and Round 5.

    Jakks Pacific figures are pictured in this slide. The line offers several different fighters both past and present. They also have an Octagon available so the fighters have a home for their fights.

    Round 5 is geared toward the collector.

    Round 5 figures have a few different styles which include a "versus" series of famous fights.

    Figures can be purchased from typical toy outlets and online. Price will vary depending on which style you go for.


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    If the recipient is an avid reader, then you cannot go wrong with a book.

    There are several excellent MMA related books to choose from that range from instructional to autobiographical to comic. All ages can find something to enjoy.

    Bleacher Report's own Jonathan Snowden is the author of MMA Encyclopedia. This is a great choice for the MMA fan on your list who appreciates having an in-depth resource on his bookshelf.

    If you do choose an instructional book for one who is interested in learning more techniques, then be on alert regarding the future should you disappoint him.

    You can pick up books at many large national retailers and online.

UFC Championship Belt

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    For children you can get away with a toy version sold by Jakks Pacific, but for the adult collector, you can purchase a replica UFC championship title belt to shock him.

    The belt will run you a few hundred dollars, but if you have the disposable income then it should be a good choice for a fan. You may also want to think about going the extra mile and springing for a display case.

    It's a pricey gift, but if you can obtain a championship belt, I am sure you will be seen in better light than Santa himself.

    The belts can be found online by doing a quick search. However, it would appear that the UFC Store is sold out this close to Christmas.

Membership to Local MMA Gym

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    As MMA has exploded, so have training facilities. If you have an athlete on your list, this could be a good idea to appease his needs.

    Depending on where you live, there could be a gym right around the corner, or within a quick drive. And as the landscape of MMA expands, the training is getting better.

    The UFC also has gyms opening up throughout the nation.

    Check membership prices at your local gym.

UFC: Ultimate Fight Collection 2012

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    The DVD collection features 20 discs spanning from UFC 132 to UFC 147.

    UFC's Ultimate Fight Collection 2012 is a great gift that will help your fight fan catch up on all the can't miss fights from this year prior to UFC 155.

    They will get to see most of the big names and all of the spectacular moments from these events. 2011-2012 has been a great year of fights, and this collection will give the fan hours of entertainment in reliving those great finishes.

    You can pick up the DVD set for less than one hundred dollars.

Gift Cards

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    Perhaps you were thinking of getting your fan a walkout shirt or other pieces of apparel, but you don't know what style he or she likes or the size. If that is the case, then a gift card is the way to go.

    Several sites such as and have a wide selection to choose from. also has training gear, supplements and more. It can be a good one-stop shop for all his or her needs.

    The good thing about gift cards is you can give a little or a lot. This gift fits into all budget levels.

Lenne Hardt Voice Messages

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    This gift would fit the older MMA fan. One who still revels in the glory days of PRIDE.

    The voice of PRIDE, Lenne Hardt, offers up voice messages for her fans.

    She can introduce your avatar, be your ringtone, your voicemail or be your wedding call. Hearing Ms. Hardt scream his name will surely be a special experience for your recipient.

    Prices start at $50 and can be ordered at

Purchase a PPV

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    This may not be an exciting option, but it is one that UFC fans will appreciate.

    Hardcore fans are shelling out $54.99 for each installment. That price tag quickly adds up to one hefty bill. And with each year producing more shows it can be a viable option to help shave at least one payment off their cable bill.

    UFC 155 features the highly anticipated rematch between Cain Velasquez and champion Junior dos Santos. Buy that PPV for your loved one and take the pressure off during the holidays.

    If you can spare more dough, several cable and satellite providers offer a deal on a package of six UFC PPVs for around $274.95.

Tickets to an MMA Event

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    The ultimate gift for an MMA fan would be tickets to a live event.

    That does not require it to be tickets to a UFC event. A cheaper local event can be just as much fun for a lower price tag. If you can afford a trip to a UFC event then that will turn in a big vacation gift—although that may be reserved for significant others.

    Pricing depends on what promotion and where you are sitting. Local events can be as low as $20 to get in the door. UFC nosebleeds start at $50.

    There is nothing like attending an event live. It would be a great experience for the recipient of this gift.

    2013 will have numerous events at the local, regional and national levels that will give you plenty of options. Check around your region for your local promotions.