Boise State Reportedly Discussing Remaining in Mountain West

Mike HoagCorrespondent IIDecember 21, 2012

Nov 3,2012; Boise,ID, USA; General view of Bronco Stadium during the second half of the game  between the San Diego State Aztecs and Boise State Broncos. San Diego State won 21-19.    Mandatory Credit: Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports
Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

The Boise State Broncos could be staying put in the Mountain West Conference despite a believed move to the Big East in 2013.

The news broke on Dec. 21 that ongoing talks about keeping the Broncos in the MWC were occurring between the conference and school, according to Andy Katz of

ESPN’s source cited the Big East’s recent meltdown and exodus as a negotiating point of leverage for the conference to attempt to retain its biggest football program.

With schools jumping ship left and right from the Big East, the Mountain West may have a shot to keep Boise State, too.

Not only are schools leaving the conference, but TV deals are disappearing as well. The instability of the Big East is making it exceedingly difficult for the conference to lock down any type of long-term TV agreements, according to the same ESPN report.

The Mountain West Conference, on the other hand, has recently agreed to restructure its television deal (effective until the end of the 2015-16 academic year) with CBS, according to Dennis Dodd of

Boise State is looking at guaranteed revenue for the foreseeable future in the MWC and instability on the horizon in the Big East.

Also, the Big East will no longer have its automatic BCS bowl bid after the 2014 season. So, the Broncos would be in the same predicament prior to leaving the Mountain West.

The conference reshuffling goes even deeper than the Big East’s struggles. Schools are jockeying for position in an attempt to put themselves in the most favorable situation when the dust clears.

Is taking a leap of faith into the Big East the best move for the Broncos at this point in time?