Clippers' Christmas Video Is Saddest of the Holiday Season

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Congratulations, Los Angeles Clippers. You win the award for the worst holiday-themed video of the season. Now step up and grab your prize. 

No such accolade exists, of course. If there were, the Clip Show would win—hands down, no questions asked. 

Just take a look at the sorry sight they brought their fans this holiday season. It looks like something scraped together using MS Paint or something even more outdated. 

The Basketball Jones spotted this miserable video that threatens to take down Christmas.

I really wish they hadn't. 

It seems that NBA teams are almost mandated to put out some horrible videos at this time of year, but they are the good kind of horrible where players and fans are in on the joke. 

You have the Nuggets singing horribly and Nikola Pekovic talking about meat. In between, there are myriad other teams putting out the same. 

Then, there is this. 

This is the bad kind of bad—the lazy bad. It's "Lamar Odom huffing back on defense" bad. 

It's almost like the Clippers forgot the holidays were upon us, so they put this out with an hour left on the clock. The funny thing is that Blake Griffin—someone you might want to get for a video like this—is completely absent. 

Instead, we get the injured Chauncey Billups and the chubby Lamar Odom next to Chris Paul.

There. Now I am completely depressed for Christmas.

I hope you're happy, Clippers. 

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