Armless Ping-Pong Player Is Better at Table Tennis Than You Are

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 21, 2012

While proving that anything is truly possible, this armless man is quickly amazing the thousands fortunate enough to come across this wonderful video. 

A tip of the hat to SportsGrid for spotting this video of an Egyptian table-tennis player with no arms serving up and winning a volley. 

The video was published in September of this year and has over 33,000 views. This clip is simply too marvelous for that number not to skyrocket shortly.  

The man with no arms is Ibrahim Elhoseny, serving at the 2011 African Championships. While this is barely coming to light a year later, it will definitely be among the more memorable sights we took in this year. 

I love me some Ping-Pong but unfortunately suck tremendously at the sport. While that hardly stops me from picking up a paddle, I can now safely say that I am far worse than Elhoseny. 

With pristine balance, lower-body strength and coordination above the shoulders, the Egyptian table-tennis player proves he can play along with those lucky enough to have both their arms. 

The video is far more than impressive; it's inspiring. 

Suddenly, those benign obstacles you face in your daily chores seem all the more insignificant. It really only takes a love of sport to enable anyone to be competitive. 


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