High School Football QB Sticks Up for Bullied Special-Needs Student

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 21, 2012

Photo Credit: People Magazine
Photo Credit: People Magazine

In Arizona, there is a special-needs student who ate lunch by herself and received a great deal of bullying and ridicule, until the high school quarterback protected her. 

From the land of things that warm your heart and place a great deal more hope in humanity comes this story of one student taking care of another in a beautiful way. 

People Magazine (h/t Big Lead) reports on a marvelous act of kindness that took place at Queen Creek High School in Arizona. 

It all begins with Chy Johnson, a sophomore special-needs student whose "neurological disorder limits her cognitive abilities to that of a third-grader."

High School hasn't been the happiest time of Johnson's life. Well, not until quarterback Carson Jones stepped in. 

Up until that time, Johnson suffered ridicule, trash being thrown at her and other actions from other students that reduced her to tears as she returned home from school. 

Chy's mother, Liz, was left to consider taking her daughter out of school and homeschooling her. She then remembered a "wholesome, good-natured" Jones and thought he might be able to help. 

She got in touch with the 18-year-old who carries a 4.3 GPA and asked him to find out who might be bullying her daughter. 

Jones did one better. 

When he spotted Chy sitting alone at lunch, he invited her to sit with the football team, stating, "I just thought if the other kids saw us treating her nicely, then maybe they'd do the same thing."

Sometimes simple acts can become truly magnificent. 

Jones says she has been with the team ever since, becoming an unofficial part of the team. He even went and had a chat with those bullies of hers. 

The best part is Chy seems to be enjoying school once again. Per the report, she offered, "They're my boys and I'm their lucky girl. They're awesome."

Bullying is an awful end of the human experience spectrum, allowing some to get joy out of putting others into a hole of unwarranted shame. 

Thankfully, Jones shows us the other side. 

The quarterback and the rest of his teammates who have taken Chy under their wings are pretty much my heroes at the moment. 

This, people, is how you treat your fellow man. 


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