Debate: Is AP or Peyton the Better Candidate for Comeback Player of the Year?

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Debate: Is AP or Peyton the Better Candidate for Comeback Player of the Year?
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Adrian Peterson and Peyton Manning have both had incredible comeback years in 2012.


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OK, this is one of those situations where both guys have done an incredible job coming back from career threatening injuries. It is rare that a runnin...
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Peyton is almost 10 years older than AP. To come back from multiple surgeries and, not only throw for over 4,000 yards and 30 tds, but to lead a team...
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Peyton is not just coming back from a potentially career ending injury. He's coming back after taking an entire season off. To overcome that at his ...
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Gotta say AP. If he breaks the record after his surgery, it will be unbelievable. Peyton's accomplishments can't be diminished though.
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wow this guy has no clue what he is even talking about. Broncos made it to the playoffs last season with TIM TEBOW and won a playoff game. Vikings h...
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Lifelong Viking fan in me says it should go to AP. But for either of these guys to be snubbed of the award is blasphemy. This is one instance where I ...
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