Top NFL Teams That Need Some Holiday Cheer | BR5

BR5Daily ShowDecember 21, 2012

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The holidays are a joyous time for most, but for some NFL teams this season, it's been anything but. There are a few teams whose players and fans could all you use a good dose of yuletide cheer.

The Dallas Cowboys are definitely in the playoff hunt, and fans have every reason to be pleased—but only if the Boys actually deliver this season. If they don't, the fans of America's Team might have to find another squad to root for. So, Dallas is hoping this Christmas season doesn't take a downturn like in years past.

It's usually sunny in San Diego, but for the Chargers it has been a steady forecast of disappointment this Christmas. Look for some personnel changes following this holiday season.

Watch the video to find out what other teams could use some holiday cheer this year...