Sketching out the Best Options for Tim Tebow in 2013

Chris Trapasso@ChrisTrapassoAnalyst IDecember 21, 2012

Sketching out the Best Options for Tim Tebow in 2013

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    Tim Tebow will have NFL options in 2013. 

    No way he ends up in the CFL. 

    According to ESPN New York, the New York Jets will "part ways" with Tebow at season's end. 

    While it's highly unlikely that he's instantly named any club's starting quarterback next year, there are a few situations that could work better for him than his one-year stint with the Jets. 

    Let's rank the best options for the polarizing media magnet. 

4. Oakland Raiders Backup QB

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    Going from the the absolutely relentless New York City media to the Oakland Raiders, a team that has sadly become a league afterthought, may be a nice change of scenery for Tim Tebow. 

    Carson Palmer doesn't have a lock on the long-term quarterback job, and Terrelle Pryor certainly is a raw quarterback behind him. 

    Already boasting power runners Darren McFadden and Marcel Reece, the addition of Tebow could be enticing for the Raiders front office. 

    Getting the chance to enact revenge on the Denver Broncos could be enticing, as well.

3. Kansas City Chiefs Backup QB

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    A move to the Kansas City Chiefs hinges on who is the team's coach in 2013. 

    If Chip Kelly is the guy, Tim Tebow would be an intriguing option as a gadget, read-option quarterback. 

    While he likely wouldn't be handed the starting position, Kelly would likely be interested in Tebow's "unique" skill set. 

2. Jacksonville Jaguars Starting QB

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    Though outlets like ESPN probably wouldn't cover Tebow as much as they did in 2012 while on the Jets—fingers crossed—Jacksonville would morph into a legitimate Tebowland overnight if he signed with the Jaguars. 

    The team's quarterback position is far from decided, as Chad Henne is clearly nothing more than a stop-gap option, and Blaine Gabbert has struggled mightily in his first two professional seasons. 

    If Tebow wants to remain relevant, going to the small-market Jaguars actually could help his cause. 

1. New England Patriots Backup QB

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    After deep thought, backing up Tom Brady would be the best scenario for Tim Tebow. 

    He'd learn the finer intricacies of playing the quarterback position and could be utilized by Bill Belichick in a similar package to the one the Jets promised but never delivered on in 2012. 

    We know Belichick is always looking to find undervalued talent and is willing to mold his scheme to accentuate that talent, and Tebow does have potential as a read-option runner. 

    Also, New England would be a safe haven for Tebow, who deals with a ridiculous amount of media on a daily basis. 

    Distractions would be at a minimum.