KKR: "Kangaroo" Knight Riders!?

bidwan baruahContributor IMarch 26, 2009

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MAY 3:  Retiring Australian coach John Buchanan speaks to the media at a press conference shortly after arrival at Sydney International Airport on May 3, 2007 in Sydney Australia. The Australian World Cup team returned home from the West Indies today following their victory in the ICC Cricket World Cup Final against Sri Lanka on April 28, 2007.  (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

It's amazing how the strategies of a person who has played just seven first class games are taken so seriously, and more than that, are approved by someone who doesn't know anything about the game. 

That's the "modi"fied concept of Cricket for you—The IPL by Lalit Modi!

Agreed, good coaches may not necessarily be good players, but how can one approve of his idea to make four out of 11 players captains?
How can Buchanan be so sure that it would work in the field, when he has stepped on to the pitch only seven times in his entire career?
I feel sorry for the remaining seven players. They are in a situation which is famously summed up in a Hindi phrase: "A washerman's dog neither belongs to the house nor to banks."
Who they are going to communicate with?
The scenario can be compared to that of a typical Indian Government Office. You enquire with a clerk about something, he refers you to the one sitting next to you, saying it is not his area of expertise, the second refers you to the third, and so on.
At the end of the day you realise you have ended up nowhere. The same I guess would be the case with the remaining seven players in the field.
If Buchanan thinks he can redefine the word "leadership", I am afraid he just forgot the type of noun the word "leader" is—he thinks it's plural!
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