How the San Francisco Giants Can Combat Dodgers' Spending

Ally Williams@@itsallyduhhCorrespondent IDecember 21, 2012

How the San Francisco Giants Can Combat Dodgers' Spending

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    The San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers have incredibly different strategies when it comes to filling out their roster. USA Today reports that the Dodgers are at $214.8 million for 21 signed players in 2013. Regardless of luxury tax, Los Angeles is spending now and worrying later.

    In the same article, Diamondbacks GM Kevin Towers said he doesn't know “that there’s anybody that can keep up with what the Dodgers are doing.” The Giants won’t be spending the same amount as Los Angeles, but there are other ways they can succeed.

Team Chemistry

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    It’s true that money can’t buy chemistry and we have not yet seen how this group of Los Angeles Dodgers plays together. LA has more time to gel and work together than last summer, so there is a good chance they will be able to mesh by Opening Day.

    The Giants got through the 2012 postseason by carrying each other; there was a new difference-maker almost every game. San Francisco can carry that clubhouse dynamic into 2013 and continue to succeed together.

Farm System

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    Many of the current starters began their professional career with the San Francisco Giants organization. Rather than spending an arm and a leg on new talent, the Giants can look to the minors to be able to fill holes later on.

    Names like Heath Hembree and Gary Brown have been mentioned plenty of times and could make an impact sometime soon.

Cheaper Pickups

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    The San Francisco Giants have recently done well at filling holes in their lineup each year. Aubrey Huff, Pat Burrell and Cody Ross were huge additions in 2010 while Angel Pagan, Hunter Pence and Marco Scutaro were key in 2012’s success.

    The Giants can continue finding great talent throughout the season to combat the Dodgers’ impressive lineup.

No Knee-Jerk Reactions

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    The Dodgers’ spending may work out for them, or they may be kicking themselves in a few months. The Giants shouldn’t answer by responding with huge contracts themselves. They have other things to worry about, such as extensions for players like Buster Posey.

    CBS Sports reported San Francisco as the sixth-largest in 2012, and the Chronicle says the payroll will grow to about $145 million next season. There's not a whole lot more to spend on new guys and the Giants don't want to jump to anything they'll regret.