Chicago Bulls Who Will Hit the Trade Block

Kyle Ramos@Kyle_RamosCorrespondent IDecember 21, 2012

Chicago Bulls Who Will Hit the Trade Block

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    With the NBA season in full swing, the Chicago Bulls are starting to get a sense for which pieces are working for their team in the absence of superstar Derrick Rose.

    In the wake of Rose's ACL tear, Chicago has had to make adjustments to soften the blow of losing its top scorer and most valuable player. Even as the season progresses, they will have to continue shifting their lineups and roster, especially when the frenzy of the NBA trade deadline rolls around in February. 

    With that being said, let's take a look at three players on the Bulls roster who may very well be involved in some deals at the trade deadline this season.

3. Marquis Teague, PG

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    It's only Teague's rookie year, and he's still just 19 years young, but the Bulls may not have much reason to keep him once Derrick Rose returns.

    As it stands right now, Teague is playing just 7.6 minutes per game as one of only three point guards on the active roster. With Kirk Hinrich and Nate Robinson getting the bulk of the playing time, and with Rose on his way back, there won't be much PT for Teague this season—and probably won't be for the next few seasons, either.

    The Bulls drafted Teague this summer in the late first round, possibly with the hope of him absorbing a lot of minutes at the point. However, Chicago signed both Hinrich and Robinson about a month later.

    Realistically, Teague can never take the starting job from Rose, and even the second-string job will be held by Hinrich for at least next season. Teague won't get a lot of burn in his first few years. Knowing this, the Bulls may opt to trade the rookie, whose youth and potential would bring Chicago much value in return.

2. Marco Belinelli, SG

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    In December, Belinelli has really picked up his play and taken his increase in minutes in stride.

    After averaging just 5.6 points in 15.3 minutes per contest through the first month of the season, Belinelli is now putting up 14.5 points in his 34.4 minutes per game. His three-point percentage has also seen a nice boost—climbing from 38.5 percent to 42.5 percent.

    With usual starting shooting guard Richard Hamilton out of action, Belinelli has answered the call for the Bulls. However, once Hamilton returns, Belinelli will return to his bench role once more, sharing minutes with Nate Robinson.

    Chicago could possibly keep Belinelli as a role player, but his streaky shooting could potentially hurt the offense. Therefore, the Bulls would be better off getting what they can for him while his value is high. While Belinelli may not hold enough value to be traded for any significant assets, the Bulls could at least parlay him into even more depth around the roster by packaging him with the next player in this slide show.

1. Carlos Boozer, PF/C

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    It's no secret that getting rid of Carlos Boozer and his ridiculously large contract is a tempting option for the Chicago Bulls front office, and they will certainly be listening to offers for the big man come trade deadline time.

    In his three seasons as a Bull, Boozer hasn't quite lived up to his five-year, $80 million deal, averaging just 15.3 points and 9.3 rebounds. While these numbers aren't horrible, they're still well below those that the former Duke star had previously put up during his NBA career.

    With the financial burden of keeping Boozer around, and with Taj Gibson ready to replace him, the pressure to move Boozer via trade or the amnesty clause has been mounting recently. It won't be an easy task to find a team with the financial flexibility to take on his contract, and his trade value isn't very high considering his age and lack of production. Therefore, a trade involving Boozer isn't imminent for the Bulls—but you better believe that they will be trying hard to work out a deal.