CM Punk's Injury Is a Much-Needed Break for Him from WWE

Giulio Romano@@JayPhoenix77Correspondent IIDecember 20, 2012

No excuse come January 27th, Mr. punk. Image by 24wwe007
No excuse come January 27th, Mr. punk. Image by 24wwe007

It was almost the end of the world as we knew it.

WWE made an announcement a few weeks ago that current champion CM Punk would undergo knee surgery after an (Kayfabe) attack by No.1 contender and beast, Ryback.

This sort of unfortunate event could have had major repercussions on the title picture and on who would be the one to carry the belt into 2013.

It is a known fact that The Rock will face the WWE Champion at the Royal Rumble on January 27th, and right before that ill-fated injury, no one was really certain it would be CM Punk.

Though it is a scenario no well-established superstar wants, it is surely a blessing in disguise.

Now, nothing stands between the "Great One" and the "Voice of the Voiceless" and the ultimate showdown.

To be clear, injuries, illnesses and deaths are not desired. They are avoided as well as can be expected but sometimes life happens and no one is safe from their fate. Who knows if Punk's injury could have been prevented. The man has defended his title for over a year and has defeated every single competitor standing in his way.

Nice going.

Perhaps it has taken a toll on his body, and for that reason alone, I reiterate that the injury he suffered was a blessing in disguise. It lets him take a much-needed break.

Defending your championship every month and fighting on television once or twice a week on top of that is ridiculous. No one is made of steel, after all, and the human body has its limits.

The idea of having John Cena or Ryback in the same ring with The Rock did not appeal to everyone. Something big needed to happen, and so the turn to darkness occured. Ever since that clothesline from Punk to The Rock, the Internet was ablaze with "ifs" and "whens."

Now, the "Straight Edge Superstar" gets to rest rand prepare himself for his greatest challenge to date.

He will meet this challenge, and if the hype surrounding his lengthy title reign is as extraordinary as the company keeps on reminding its fans, then instincts tell me that there will not be a new champion crowned on January 27th.

Why should this Hollywood megastar get everything he wants and still remain an occasional performer? He already won both his previous appearances; now it's time to lose one. Heck, even Brock Lesnar lost one, and he is nobody's fool.

If CM Punk is the best in the world, as he claims, then this "time off" will allow him to be 100 percent and there should be no excuses, win or lose.

Keep in mind, this time off also provides him a large window of time to plan and plot his way to success. A true master considers all options; enough of this gallant goodie-goodie crap!

Rule No 1: Just win, baby!

In case he ever forgets that, Paul Heyman, the Devil's advocate, will more than happily remind him.

But don't count on that being necessary. After all, CM Punk is the best in the world.