The Phenom, "The Undertaker," Is Quite Possibly the Greatest Wrestler Ever

Donny QuickContributor IMarch 26, 2009

Who is the greatest wrestler of all time?

This question pops up in a lot of conversations among wrestling fans.

Many superstars come up such as Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Ric Flair, and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. However there is no man that’s career has championed Undertaker’s.

The “Deadman” has been in the business for nearly two decades and has always remained on top.

With freakish strength, unmatched power, and unnatural speed, Undertaker is a problem for anyone in the ring and his arsenal is deadly. The Tombstone has taken many foes down and so has the chokeslam and The Last Ride.

Without him, Hell In The Cell would not be as famous. Who else could have made an impact like he did against Mankind? 'Taker threw him about 20 feet off the cage into the announcer's table.

Undertaker then proceeded to chokeslam Mankind through the cell without any remorse.

The man was undefeated for nearly a year and won his first title against Hulk Hogan. He is a cultural icon and the main man for WWE. Other matches he made famous include Buried Alive, Boiler Room Brawl, and Casket battles.

What other superstar can take two “stunners” and sit up to chokeslam Austin to win a match?

What other superstar can powerbomb the largest athlete in the world?

What other superstar can be near seven feet tall, 300 lbs., and jump over the rope like a crusierweight?

No one.

Undertaker has put wrestlers such as the Rock, Ric Flair, and even Vince McMahon through hell. A two-time world champion, four-time WWE champion, seven-time tag team Champion, and 2007 Royal Rumble winner, the man has done it all.

Kane would not have success without him and would still be yanking teeth (as previous character Isaac Yankem). Mick Foley wouldn't have excelled as Mankind without getting the hell beaten out of him by the “Big Evil.”

And lastly, there is no superstar that has a 16-0 undefeated streak at WrestleMania. This is a virtually impossible feat at “The Grandest Stage Of Them All.”

The Spirit of the “Phenom” will never die and neither shall his record at WrestleMania, until he decides to REST IN PEACE.