Vince McMahon, AJ Lee and More: 2012's Unsolved and Forgotten Storylines

Andy Soucek@Andy_SoucekFeatured ColumnistDecember 21, 2012

Vince McMahon, AJ Lee and More: 2012's Unsolved and Forgotten Storylines

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    Every year, WWE has some stories that get swept under the rug.

    The company has a proud tradition of angles that went nowhere: Who raised the briefcase at King of the Ring 2000? Who was the Fake Kane? Who left Booker T the note that said, "I still remember?" Who was behind The Nexus?

    Sadly, those questions will never be answered.

    In addition, WWE also gave us a few more unsolved mysteries to ponder in 2012.

    Whether it’s due to lack of crowd reaction or the company losing interest, sometimes a story just goes away.

    Here are 10 of WWE's unsolved and forgotten stories of 2012.

What Did Brad Maddox and Paul Heyman Talk About?

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    This mystery may still be solved, but nearly six weeks later, we’re still left without an answer.

    Brad Maddox wanted a WWE contract badly. He wanted one so badly that he low-blowed Ryback at Hell in a Cell just so he could get some attention.

    Ryback was set to get his revenge two weeks later when McMahon booked the rookie against Big Hungry.

    Before the match began though, Paul Heyman approached Maddox backstage and said that he wanted to talk to him. The two then walked off screen together.

    Later in the night, Maddox was quickly destroyed by Ryback. The next pay-per-view, The Shield showed up.

    Was there any connection between the two?

    Many fans assumed that Maddox must have used his connections to get a hold of the group, but then why didn’t they help him win a contract in his last two chances?

    Hopefully WWE clears this one up, but with each passing week it seems less likely.

Did Vickie Hack into AJ’s Phone?

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    For weeks on Raw, Vickie was presenting evidence that she felt proved an improper relationship between John Cena and AJ.

    On the November 12 Raw, Vickie played a voice recording that AJ had left on Cena’s phone.The sentences were a bit odd, but overall it sounded convincing. 

    I mean, in what other context would AJ have said, "Hey, it's me. We have to stop doing this. I want to stop, but I can't."

    She then said, "You drive me crazy" to Cena in a completely normal voice. Not in a joking way, so how else could that be taken?

    AJ seemed confused and accused Vickie of somehow hacking into Cena’s phone.

    In the end, we never found out what the entire recording said, it was never played for the audience. Cena soon planted one on AJ, and the whole message was quickly forgotten.

Where’s Dr. Shelby?

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    Oh Dr. Shelby, you’re the man who finally got Kane and Daniel Bryan to co-exist.

    Then, without notice, you disappeared from our lives.

    It all started when Bryan and Kane were sent to anger management class. While the skit could have been horrible, the two made it work.

    Their counselor, Dr. Shelby, was a part of why it was so funny.

    Over the next few weeks, Shelby appeared in more skits and backstage segments with the duo. Apparently he has no problem flying around the country to be with his patients.

    He kept getting so close to reaching a breakthrough with the two, only to have it blow up in his face.

    While Kane and Bryan continued to team up, Shelby was dropped from the act. It’s too bad, as he would have made a fun manager.

    Who knows, maybe he’ll show up again someday. There’s no shortage of WWE wrestlers with anger issues.

Brogue Kick Ban

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    Sheamus kept kicking people in the face, and the people who were kicked in the face didn’t much care for this.

    This caused Alberto Del Rio, Ricardo Rodriguez and David Otunga to band together to ban the Brogue Kick.

    What was Sheamus to do now? How can a wrestler possibly win a match without his finisher?

    Anyway, Booker T suddenly agreed with Otunga after viewing X-rays of the damage the kick can cause.

    In response, Sheamus started using the Texas Cloverleaf, and it didn't matter since he won every match with the new move anyway.

    At the next pay-per-view, Booker T suddenly changed his mind. The move was cool with him now.

    Why did he have a change of heart? Well, that was never explained.

    The Brogue Kick was back, so all those weeks of segments of people arguing over the move were all for naught.

    Apparently, the kick is still causing permanent damage to everyone that takes the move, but Booker just doesn’t care.

AJ’s Executive Coach

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    AJ was the General Manager of Raw.

    She was terrible in this role, and it’s a wonder why the board of directors would hire her for the position. In no way, shape or form was she qualified to run a multimillion dollar TV show.

    Anyway, the board was having concerns about AJ’s increasingly erratic behavior. To clear this up, they sent  executive coach Christopher J. Stephenson to watch over her.

    Throughout the night, we had backstage segments of AJ acting normal in one scene and crazy in the next. At the end of the night, she told off Stephenson.

    Why didn’t she do that in the first place? Well, there must have been some big consequences right?


    It wasn’t until weeks later that AJ was asked to resign from the role, but it had nothing to do with how she treated the Coach.

    She was let go because of her relationship with Cena. Basically the entire performance review was pointless and led nowhere.

    At least it was well acted and good for a few laughs. Actually, that’s not true at all. Those segments really weren't good for anything.

Charlie Sheen Misses the Party

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    At Raw 1000, Charlie Sheen was the social media ambassador for the show.

    This upset Daniel Bryan, and he made some disparaging comments about the Anger Management star.

    Sheen, likewise, was upset about what Bryan said, so he told him he'd see him at SummerSlam.

    Cole and Lawler were blown away by this announcement. The following weeks we heard more and more talk about "anger management," but the mentions of Sheen started to go away.

    It left some fans wondering (many probably didn't care) if Sheen was actually going to show up at SummerSlam.

    He didn't.

    WWE never told us why he would no longer be there; it just wasn't mentioned anymore.

    If Charlie Sheen jokes weren't incredibly played out, this would be where I would say something like "Losing!"

Why Is Vince McMahon Back in Power?

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    July 18th, 2011, was a terrible day for Vince McMahon.

    Due to his increasingly erratic behavior, he was fired from his position as the CEO of the company, and Triple H took his place.

    Hunter didn't have a lot of success with the job either. The roster even walked out on him, though he was eventually able to coax them back to work.

    Then, Hunter disappeared from TV.

    McMahon resurfaced in 2012 and—with no explanation—was back in control of the company.

    It seems the board of directors are ultimately in control, but for all intents and purposes, McMahon runs the show.

Is Sin Cara Still Ugly?

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    Cody Rhodes thinks of himself as beautiful.

    He also thinks that Sin Cara is ugly.

    Out of nowhere, he wanted to prove this fact to the world.

    During a match between the two, Rhodes kept trying to remove Sin Cara's mask. Every time he failed.

    He later explained that Sin Cara is hideous and is hiding his face.

    For weeks after, the two would set off in a series of singles and tag matches. Rhodes kept making a play for the mask but came up short.

    He even showed an artist's rendition of what Sin Cara looks like, complete with a giant overbite. It wasn't very funny, but they still showed it multiple times on TV.

    We never found out if Sin Cara is ugly, but we later found out Cody can grow a mustache.

    Fair trade?

Alberto Del Rio and Rosa

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    Much like John Cena and AJ, Alberto Del Rio and Rosa had a middle school relationship.

    While she was managing Primo and Epico, Ricardo Rodriguez came down to ringside and handed Rosa a note from Del Rio.

    She giggled like a school girl after reading it.

    Later, Del Rio came to her defense when she was arguing with Hornswoggle. The two also eyed each other up in a backstage segment, but that's about as far as it went.

    Del Rio kind of turned face, and Rosa just kept shaking away for the rest of 2012.

    Maybe she just circled "No" on Del Rio's "Do you like me?" note.

Stinky Natalya

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    Natalya had gas. Every week.

    Seven-year-olds across the country giggled in delight. Older fans groaned in disgust.

    Apparently, Natalya had super sonic farts that could nearly kill a man.

    As soon as the story began, fans thought there was no possible way this could have any sort of payoff.

    They were right.

    Thankfully, Natalya seems to have recovered from her ailment. Career-wise though, she may never recover.