WWE's Top 15 Ugliest T-Shirts Currently Available on WWEShop.com

Adrian Fylonenko@@AdrianFyloFeatured ColumnistDecember 21, 2012

WWE's Top 15 Ugliest T-Shirts Currently Available on WWEShop.com

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    Christmas is only a few days away. If you need help picking out a present for that special WWE fan in your life,  t-shirts are usually a safe option. However, if you purchased any of the t-shirts in this slideshow, I suggest you return them. Now.

    WWEShop.com carries a wide variety of t-shirts that come in many questionable designs. I hope this slideshow will inform you as to what shirts you should avoid this holiday season.

    From Brodus Clay to The Undertaker, these are the top 15 ugliest t-shirts currently available on WWEShop.com.

15. Mick Foley "Real Men Wear Flannel" Authentic T-Shirt

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    We start the list at No. 15.

    In my opinion, I think this shirt is awesome. I wouldn't necessarily wear it to Christmas dinner, but a true wrestling fan understands what this shirt symbolizes.

    A non-wrestling fan would probably find this shirt appalling and believe that it belongs to a homeless man.

    From this perspective, I came to the conclusion that the t-shirt is indeed ugly.

14. Sheamus "Brogue Kick Hooligans" Basics T-Shirt

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    Only a true, diehard Sheamus fan would buy this t-shirt.

    It's pasty white, just like Sheamus' skin, and it features his bright orange hair and Celtic Cross necklace.

    That's about it.

13. Mick Foley "Have a Nice Day" Old School T-Shirt

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    I don't mean to hate on Mick Foley, but his apparel, including this t-shirt, isn't the flashiest.

    It looks like it belongs to a patient who recently escaped from an insane asylum.

    A smiley face covered by Mankind's signature mask with the words "Have A Nice Day".

    Comforting, huh?

12. Brodus Clay "Funkasaurus" Authentic T-Shirt

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    When I first saw this shirt I thought, "Finally, a decent Brodus Clay shirt I can bring home and show to Mama."

    But then I saw the back.

    It shows instructions on how to do the Brodus Clay dance.

    We've seen Brodus do the "claw" far too many times. We don't need the WWE Universe learning how to do it.

11. Brock Lesnar "Next Big Thing" Retro T-Shirt

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    When I look at Brock Lesnar, I see someone who is fearless, powerful and aggressive.

    When I look at the front of this t-shirt, I'm not quite sure what I see. Perhaps an alien skull that was created by a preschooler.

    The back is awful as well.

    Simply having written "THE NEXT BIG THING" would have sufficed, but they decided to add "HE IS" at the beginning of the slogan. This makes anyone wearing the shirt look like they worship Brock Lesnar.

    Again, what exactly is that on the front of the shirt?

10. Zack Ryder "Sssiiiccckkk" Authentic T-Shirt

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    Zack Ryder wears it well, but purple isn't for everyone.

    The latest Ryder t-shirt features a pair of sunglasses that take up the entire front of the shirt. Inside of the sunglasses is the word "sick".

    Not sick, but sssiiiccckkk.

    The fact that this t-shirt is in the men's department and has a purple V-neck makes it even worse.

    For Christmas, I would get this shirt for my sister, if I had one.

9. Dolph Ziggler "Stealing the Show" Authentic T-Shirt

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    To those who watch Raw and SmackDown, it's clear that this t-shirt is a fan favorite.

    You'll fit right in if you wear it to a wrestling event. But in my opinion, wearing an electric blue, zebra print t-shirt in public will make you stand out, just not in a good way.

    I had a friend who bought this shirt.

    Let's just say we aren't friends anymore.

8. John Cena "10 Years Strong" Authentic T-Shirt

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    John Cena t-shirts are the number one sellers on WWEShop.com.

    It's designs like these that make me question why.

    The shirt color is acceptable, but adding yellow bubble letters and a cartoon picture of John Cena makes for a very childish look.

    Cena comes out with a new shirt every couple of months, so I hope the next one will be better.

7. The Undertaker "Death Waits" Retro T-Shirt

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    I hate putting one of The Undertaker's t-shirts on the list, but I had to.

    At first glance, it looks like Zorro carrying a scythe.

    Upon further inspection, it appears that a Grim Reaper is holding a chain, while wearing a white mask, with an electric current flowing around his body.

    I can't make any sense of it.

6. Edge "Edgehead" Retro T-Shirt

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    The first thing wrong with this retro Edge t-shirt is the color. Is that maroon? Burgundy? Plum?

    I'm not sure what the intention of the design was, but it looks like someone forgot to unplug their Christmas tree lights before going on a three-month-long Christmas vacation.

    Do you see the flaming Christmas tree?

    If not, I apologize.

5. Degeneration X "Re-Enlist" Authentic T-Shirt

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    I'm a big DX fan, but some of their t-shirts are really childish, like this one.

    I agree that black and neon green go together well, but cartoon versions of Triple H and Shawn Michaels do not.

    No grown man should wear this shirt in public.

4. Rey Mysterio "Cartoon Body" Youth T-Shirt

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    I know this is a children's t-shirt. But if I were a kid, I would be ashamed of my parents if they bought it for me.

    Basically, it's a bright blue shirt that has a headless Rey Mysterio on the front.

    Obviously, the intention is to have the child's head/face be in the place of Mysterio's.

    Is this considered cool nowadays?

    Am I being insensitive by adding this t-shirt to the list?

3. Hornswoggle "Breaking Out" Authentic T-Shirt

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    All I can say is wow.

    I guess Hornswoggle is a big enough star to have his own rear end featured on apparel.

    I wonder how many people have actually bought this t-shirt?

2. Brodus Clay "In Captivity" Authentic T-Shirt

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    To my surprise, WWEShop.com has this shirt listed in the "best sellers" category.

    The front features a giant disco ball chain while the back displays a giant dinosaur tail.

    Honestly, I have no idea who would want to wear this.

    This is one of the worst shirts I have ever seen in my entire life.

1. Dolph Ziggler "Show Off" Pink Authentic T-Shirt

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    For my No. 1 ugliest WWEShop.com t-shirt, I couldn't resist including this Dolph Ziggler three-piece ensemble.

    The bright pink shirt is ugly enough on its own, but when paired with pink sunglasses and a pink "show off" medallion, the overall look is completely ridiculous.

    If you can wear all three of these items and be a showoff at the same time, I will be very impressed.

    Which shirt do you think is the ugliest? Did I miss any? Please let me know in the comment box below!

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