15 Best Tottenham Hotspur Goals Since 2000

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15 Best Tottenham Hotspur Goals Since 2000
Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images
Erik Edman celebrates one of the best goals to ever be scored at Anfield during a 2-2 with Liverpool in April 2005.

One of the difficult things in debating and attempting to decide the best goal(s) in any given match, week, month, season, etc is the sheer number of options.

That is also part of the fun of course, but it does mean from time to time some deserving contenders will be overlooked.

The following list of the 15 "best" Tottenham Hotspur goals since 2000 is by no means definitive—how can something as subjective as what makes a great goal be so?

But considering it accounts for a time-span incorporating over 12 years of great goals from dozens of Tottenham players, the list certainly has some crackers on it.

To try and narrow the list slightly, the focus is more on the quality of the goal rather than the momentous nature of it.

In some cases they overlap, but it does mean that some big Spurs goals miss out (Paul Stalteri's winner against West Ham United from the 4-3 2006-07 classic for example, though that was the result of a good counter-attack) in favor of others.

There is a concession here to goals in which video is available to demonstrate their quality to give you all something to look at, but any suggestions and memories of others are very welcome.

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