Will Tim Tebow Win Another Game as an NFL Starting QB?

John RozumCorrespondent IDecember 20, 2012

Will Tim Tebow get another starting QB opportunity in the NFL?
Will Tim Tebow get another starting QB opportunity in the NFL?Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Tim Tebow deserves another chance to start in the NFL.

And according to Manish Mehta and Seth Walder of the New York Daily News, that chance appears quite realistic:

Tim Tebow will request a trade at the end of the season, assuming Greg McElroy starts both remaining games, but he isn't the only one looking to get out of this relationship. The Jets will look to move Tebow anyway at the end of the season, according to a source.

The New York Jets didn't utilize his skill set properly, or hardly ever, and it's no surprise Gang Green missed on the postseason.

Now, yes, when leading the Denver Broncos to a 2011 AFC West title and a postseason win, Tebow was backed by an ever-improving defense. Include the kicking connection of Matt Prater, and Tebow certainly benefited from his teammates.

The thing is, at least the Broncos knew to give Tebow an opportunity.

Kyle Orton wasn't getting the job done early on, and Denver basically went all-in and never looked back for the remainder of 2011. Tebow's completion percentage was definitely abysmal, but he didn't toss too many interceptions, either.

Only once did he throw three picks in a game (Buffalo), and he threw 11 touchdowns to just three picks in all other games during 2011. Factor in the NFL Wild Card victory over the then-defending AFC champion Pittsburgh Steelers in which he accounted for three touchdowns and no turnovers, and Tebow's brilliant impact gained additional validation.

As for the Jets, Rex Ryan and Co. were simply too reliant on Mark Sanchez.

After displaying barely any improvement, if any, since his rookie season, Sanchez only regressed in 2012. Considering that he definitely played well in the postseason, however, New York sticking with him was not surprising.

At the same time, though, the Jets also featured an elite defense and superb rushing attack for Sanchez. The result was limiting his role, which ultimately led to fewer turnovers and solid game management.

Throughout the 2012 season, it was apparent that the Jets would struggle when relying on Sanchez. Even with a sound defense still intact and a decent ground game, veering away from Tebow proved to be a decision that cost Gang Green when it mattered most.

James Walker of ESPN.com also writes:

Here is the blunt truth: New York's coaching staff simply doesn’t believe in Tebow. 

Although Rex Ryan and Co. will never say it publicly, they simply don’t think Tebow is any good. To start a 2011 seventh-round pick (McElroy) over a former first-round pick (Tebow) who won a playoff game last January says all we need to know.

Given the Jets' recent lack of success, their refusal to play Tebow more is simply a product of what unfolded on the gridiron.

When Tebow was at the helm for Denver, he won games in crunch time. Without question he could not have done so unless the defense put forth a Herculean effort. But that's also how the Jets defense needed to perform this season.

Plus, you would think Rex Ryan and the Jets would have realized Tebow's potential after he beat them with a game-winning drive in 2011.

And Sanchez still couldn't get the job done, as evidenced by Monday night against the Tennessee Titans.

Provided that Tebow goes to a team that will appreciate his capabilities, he'll win some more NFL games. The next step, though, is Tebow developing better passing mechanics.

Neglecting to do so will significantly restrict his full potential, because winning consistently requires improvement under center. Whether it's pre-snap reads, surveying through the passing progression or calling audibles, all that ties into a quarterback's cerebral approach.

Tebow possesses this potential—for anyone who is optimistic—so another opportunity is to be expected.

Here, Bleacher Report's Richard Langford writes of some teams where Tebow would be a good fit.

Given that winning is the business in pro football, any team that is desperate for victories must consider Tebow in 2013.


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