Hardest Players to Coach in the NBA

JR JacksonAnalyst IDecember 21, 2012

Some of the best players in the NBA are also some of the hardest to coach.

Take Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo.

Rondo has led the NBA in steals and assists in separate seasons, is a double-double regular, a three-time NBA All-Star and helped the Celtics capture the Larry O'Brien trophy in 2008.

All of that is great, but one component of his game—outside of his shooting form—that he needs to improve is his "coachability."

NBA analyst JR Jackson and NBA assistant editor Ethan Norof break down the Association's hardest players to coach in this video.

If you think we missed anyone, let us know in the comments below!


Note: All NBA statistics are current as of December 17, 2012 (date of filming). 

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