Your Best 11 Mailbag: Texas A&M on the Rise, VT Under the Radar and Eggnog

Michael Felder@InTheBleachersNational CFB Lead WriterDecember 20, 2012

COLLEGE STATION, TX - OCTOBER 20:  Jarvis Landry #80 of the LSU Tigers at Kyle Field on October 20, 2012 in College Station, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

It has been a good little while since we've done a mailbag here at Your Best 11. Between the trip to Miami and shooting some recruiting profile videos our plate has been full. Thankfully, for you, much like Jay-Z, "I can't leave rap alone, the game needs me." Except rap is answering Twitter questions about football in this case. Here we go!



@inthebleachers Which is your favorite reindeer? I'm partial to Blitzen since I love defensive football. #Mailbag

— J. William IV (@GridIron32) December 20, 2012


Got a Christmas question, and I see what you did there with Blitzen! Well, I'm a bit of a scrooge to be honest, not into the music or the decorating, but if I had to pick a reindeer the choice is easy: Rudolph. I mean, let's be serious: he has a song about him by DMX that is just awesome. Sure, you might like other versions, but the only one that matters to me is DMX's.



@inthebleachers it seems as if texas a&m has taken a big leap in recruiting...does this hurt LSU or Texas more?

— ....... (@SixFigureJerm) December 20, 2012


The Aggies have taken a huge leap and that is thanks largely to the efforts of Kevin Sumlin and his staff. I think ultimately this hurts Auburn and Arkansas more than anything because they play in the SEC West and have to try and beat a team that has a natural advantage. However, if we're looking at just LSU and Texas, I think it hurts the Longhorns more than it hurts the Bayou Bengals.

LSU can field an elite team of kids from Louisiana and points east. Texas? Not so much. Texas now, finally, has another major player against them in recruiting and they have some tough choices to make. They are going to have to really roll up their sleeves and start giving kids the king for a cycle treatment. Used to be Mack Brown made an offer and kids just took it, for the most part. Now he'll have to get back to wooing guys and that should be fun to watch.



@inthebleachers - Best tailgating experience you have had including: Food and Drinks and Atmosphere. #YB11

— Chad Dinkins (@dinkdumpdish) December 20, 2012


As a guy that is a bit of a hermit I can only vouch for having been to Virginia Tech, Tennessee, Georgia, Clemson, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, NC State, Duke, Virginia, Clemson and a few others. Simply put, I don't really like to leave my house often. So out of those, and I had a great time at all of them, I'm going Clemson.

Note the question said "experience" and my experience at Clemson was epic on a level that most people, regardless of where they tailgate at, never experience. I was lost for 8 hours just randomly drinking beers that people gave me because I had no cell phone and couldn't find the girl I was dating at the time or her sister's tailgate.

They were super nice to the dude who just wandered around for hours. They kept me fed. Kept me drinking. Supplied me with a phone a couple times. It was just amazing. They turned what should have been a harrowing experience for a 21-year-old, away from his home campus, into an amazing time.



@inthebleachers Va Tech a potential under the radar team next year?

— Drew Pap (@DrewPap85) December 20, 2012


Um, no. I mean honestly, regardless of what "radar" you're trying to use they are not under it. National title? They are not under the radar. They are off of it because they are not going to get near that game. ACC Championship? They are firmly sitting there on the radar—not because they will be good but because the Coastal is such a bad division as a whole that anyone can win it. The Coastal, for radar purposes, has six teams on the radar.



@inthebleachers if you could have eggnog with any football coach, living or dead, who would it be?

— Run Yoga Surf (@runyogasurf) December 20, 2012


While I may be a bit of a scrooge, I do love me some eggnog. This answer, as with every "if I could hang out with anyone in college football history" is the same: Barry Switzer. The dude is so awesome. He is my favorite person in the history of college football. Period. The best. 



@inthebleachers how effective will Everett Golson be running the ball against Alabama

— CJ (@cjgunnz) December 20, 2012


Great question. To me, this is the key to the Notre Dame offense finding success against Alabama. The answer here is "very" or "not at all." "Very" applies if Brian Kelly and Golson are comfortable with him running on things that are not just designed runs. Getting him involved in zone reads, run-pass options on roll outs and legitimate scrambling. Things like that will open up run-action fakes and that equals success against Alabama.

"Not at all" is the answer if Golson plays the way he did early, only running on designed runs and trying to prove he was a pocket guy. Not at all also applies if he decides to be a tough man and gets himself knocked out.

I did some writing on this earlier this week; check them out here.


Folks, enjoy your holiday. The mailbag will be back for a post-Christmas edition. Be safe this holiday season, don't drink and drive and certainly don't let others drink and drive. Oh, and enjoy the bowl games because they should be awesome fun.