WWE '13: THQ Files for Bankruptcy; How Will This Affect WWE Games Franchise?

Daniel MasseySenior Analyst IIIDecember 20, 2012

images6.fanpop.com A| THQ.com | WWE.com
images6.fanpop.com A| THQ.com | WWE.com

THQ have filed for bankruptcy and proposed sale under Bankruptcy Code Section 363. The developer of the WWE games franchise is now in dire straits and is looking to possibly sell off some of its assets to try to get out of debt.

Daily Finance reported this story and also commented that WWE will be following the bankruptcy filing extremely closely.

You can bet WWE will be watching this situation like a hawk given the unwavering promotion of the last game on their televised broadcasts.

The annual WWE game is an extremely important part of WWE itself with extensive amounts of work going into the promotional material and getting people excited for the game.

WWE may well be a bit worried at this moment, but as a gamer, this may come as extremely good news.

If THQ were to get rid of the WWE franchise, I think I would pop open a bottle of champagne. It is no secret that the last WWE game, though a great commercial success, was one of the worst WWE games in history.

Horrendous graphics, wrestlers only allowed in one stable, day one DLC all contributed to the game going on sale for half the price within about three weeks of release.

However, according to Forbes;

“Also in the pipeline are Company of Heroes 2 and the next game in the WWE franchise, which tend to be steady earners.”

 WrestleZone also reported;

“THQ's name is still attached to WWE '14, which was scheduled to begin early production in 2013.”

I think THQ should just admit defeat and let EA Sports or 2K Sports take over the franchise.

I’d love to see someone else have go at it because year after year, THQ has let me down in terms of gameplay, the ability to customise current wrestlers and a multitude of other things.

THQ produced the fantastic WrestleMania 2000 and the even better No Mercy and after that, the games have slowly gone downhill and they look like last-generation games. The presentation is not there and to be honest, neither is the gameplay since they took out most of the moves.

We will have to see how this situation develops.

I have a feeling this franchise will stay alive with THQ for at least one more year.