Pushing Chip Kelly out the Door: Open Letter to the 'Anonymous Boosters'

George WrighsterGuest ColumnistDecember 20, 2012

I was scrolling through my twitter feed and could not believe my eyes when I saw this post in USA Today: "Anonymous Oregon Boosters want Chip Kelly gone."

This could be one of the more troubling things I have EVER read about my Ducks. Everyone knows I bleed Oregon Ducks green and yellow...and black and gray...and white and carbon fiber and (of course) chrome. I hope I speak for all of the Duck faithful when I say to these "anonymous boosters":

Get on board with the program AND CHIP KELLY or find another team to booster for!

Have you forgotten where we came from?  We have won three of the last four Pac-12 titles and been to four consecutive BCS bowl games. Oregon used to be an afterthought in the world of powerhouses in college football. Oregon is now arguably the BIGGEST brand in the NCAA. 

But you want to get rid of the coach because he doesn't want to play golf with you or pretend to be your friend?  

Get over yourself.  

Chip Kelly is 45-7.  That's over 85 percent. Find a coach with a better record than that. While you're at it, find another coach who is revolutionizing the way college football is played.  I'll wait. You can't!!!

I do understand that Chip can be short and keep things very close to the vest. That can be very frustrating at times, but which do you want more?  A football coach building a powerhouse...or a politician?  You are the people that cause empires to fall and potential greatness to be ruined.  

There will be a day when Chip leaves and we'll use our "next man up" attitude, but what sense does it make to try and push him out the door now? This is absolutely absurd.

"Anonymous Boosters":  You are selfish, self-serving, cowardly, and do NOT have the program's best interest at heart. You must be solely concerned with feeding your own ego and showing off to your friends that you are friends with the coach. If you're going to make bold statements that could damage the program, don't hide behind the shield of anonymity.  Stand behind the words you speak. Before you do, however, be sure to realize that we are in the thick of a recruiting battle for the nation's best players. As a recruit, the LAST thing you want to hear is that the coach may leave. When I was being recruited from high school, the ONLY reason I did not go to Arizona is because I knew Coach Tomey would be fired. 

I LOVE the University of Oregon. I hang on every snap of the game whether we are up by five or 55.  You are a booster.  Deep down, you do love the program...but you have clearly lost your way.

I really hope that you come to your senses and stop tearing down the program that so many people have spent two decades building.

Let's get back on the same page.  

Let's support our coach and commit to doing everything possible to win a National Championship.

If you cannot do that...

On behalf of Oregon fans, players (past, present and future) and alumni: We don't want Chip Kelly gone. We want YOU gone.



George Fredrick Wrighster, III

TE '99-'02