6 NFL Conspiracies That Are Probably Happening Right Now (Without Us Knowing)

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6 NFL Conspiracies That Are Probably Happening Right Now (Without Us Knowing)
Sean Gardner/Getty Images

The drama surrounding NFL football never ceases to amaze, partially because you’d never expect a kids’ game could be taken this seriously in the first place, but also because, by nature of the sport’s immense popularity, it all plays out with the kind of mass hysteria usually reserved for pop stars, Hollywood burn outs, and scandalous politicians.

However, just because the NFL spotlight is always shining doesn’t mean it catches every story in real time. For several notorious headlines from recent years, that’s a real shame.

Imagine how different this year’s New Orleans Saints season would be going, for example, if their infamous bounty scandal had been exposed when it first began, almost three full years ago, and not this past March.

Or what about the New England Patriots’ equally-infamous Spygate controversy, or the disastrous ending to the first act of Michael Vick’s tumultuous career? How much damage (both figuratively and literally, in Vick’s case) could have been prevented if only we’d have cracked those cases while they were happening and not after the fact?

With that thought in mind, it’s only natural to wonder what shocking, unpredictable controversies might be taking place in the NFL right now that we just don’t know about yet—not just because we football fans are as obsessive as your everyday Vanilla Ice stalker but because the sooner we sniff those time bombs out, the less unnecessary anguish we’ll all collectively suffer.

Is somebody breaking the rules? Living a lie? Making fools of us all?

Nobody knows for sure, of course, but if indeed they are, it sure would help explain several peculiar situations taking place in the league right now that otherwise just don’t make a whole lot of sense.   

Honestly, how surprised would you really be to wake up tomorrow and find out that…

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