Stuff Cardinal and Gold People Like

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Stuff Cardinal and Gold People Like

Following the strange internet sensations Rick Roll and Things White People Like, All Things Trojan blogger Adam Rose put together a little list of Stuff Cardinal and Gold People Like.

If you are or have been a USC student, you might agree that it's a pretty humorous and spot on compilation of Trojan life. Included on the list are: Numbers—The nine-oh. The two-nine. The three-two. These all mean something to Trojans.

Whoever is playing UCLA and Notre Dame—When the Bruins and Irish face each other, USC fans will only be satisfied if both lose.

Going for it on 4th down—They don't chant "Big Balls Pete" for nothing. USC fans believe there is something magic about a do-or-die situation. If you don't believe it, I have two numbers for you: 4th and 9.

In addition to the stuff above, the list also includes things like flip-flops, beach cruisers and being late. But as accurate as the list may be, it's still missing a few key components of the Trojan lifestyle. Come inside to get the inside Trojanwire addendum to the Cardinal and Gold list.

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