Vernon Davis: Three Ways He Can Improve His Chemistry with Colin Kaepernick

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IDecember 20, 2012

Vernon Davis: Three Ways He Can Improve His Chemistry with Colin Kaepernick

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    How can Vernon Davis and Colin Kaepernick improve their chemistry? Davis is a premier tight end for the 49ers, but he hasn't connected much with Colin during the past few games.  He expects time will take care of this issue, as reported by Matt Barrows of The Sacramento Bee:

    That's something me and Kap don't have right now. We don't have it. You have to expect (that because) he just stepped in. Me and Alex—we've been there. It takes time. It took time for me and Alex to get like that.

    Davis is right; chemistry between two teammates can take time.  Fortunately, we have some ideas that can accelerate and strengthen their relationship.

Babysit His Tortoise

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    Fans ought to know that Colin Kaepernick's pet tortoise is very important to him, so Vernon should offer to babysit his tortoise for free once in a while.  It would be a goodwill gesture and help build a stronger bond between the two teammates.  

Get a "CK" Tattoo

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    Fans ought to know that Colin is passionate about his tattoos, and Vernon has quite a few himself.

    So maybe Vernon should express his fondness for Colin by getting a "CK" tattoo on his chest. That's right, a "Colin Kaepernick" tattoo would show just how much Vernon really wants his QB's attention when they are on the field together.

Make Him a Painting

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    49er fans ought to know that Vernon is quite the artist, having majored in studio arts at the University of Maryland.  He also just opened a new art gallery in Santana Row (San Jose, CA.) 

    So what if Vernon made a painting for Colin, maybe one of his tortoise? Then Kaep could hang it up in his living room and think, "Wow, that Vernon sure is special!"


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    Some might argue that Colin should have to earn Vernon's trust, but Colin wears the pants in this relationship.  After all, he's the one holding the football, and he decides with whom he shares it.  

    But don't worry 49er fans. Vernon and Colin are going to work it out.  They'll be making good-time, game-day, vibes before you know it.  A little patience in any relationship goes a long way, along with some end-zone hugs and stuff.  

    If the above ideas don't work, Vernon could always give a teary-eyed post-game interview in which he gushes over his quarterback.  

    It sort of worked for Terrell Owens back in his Dallas days, but not really.