Texas Tech, Tommy Tuberville Get Taiwanese Animation Treatment—It's Classic!

Lisa HornePac-12 and Big 12 Lead WriterDecember 19, 2012

Nov 3, 2012; Lubbock, TX, USA; Texas Tech Red Raiders head coach Tommy Tuberville before the game with the Texas Longhorns at Jones AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports
Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Taiwanese animation artists are at it again, this time taking on Texas Tech and former coach Tommy Tuberville

We all could use a little laugh, couldn't we? These animators certainly have a reputation to maintain, and while it's not their best work (as detailed later), for fans who dislike Tommy Tuberville, this is definitely their cup of tea.

OK, so it's not worthy of any Academy Awards, but it does get props for actually talking about college football. And it's got catchy music. 

Frankly, we can't believe they thought the alleged dine-and-ditch-the-recruits story was worthy of an animation, but apparently, it's been a slow news week in Taiwan. I guess North Korea's missile launches are no longer newsworthy because they have had the same predictable outcome as Rice Krispies sitting in a bowl of milk for one hour—snap, crackle, all wet.

Now for the critique of the animation.

The Taiwanese animators appear to be Texas Tech fans. Pronouncing Tuberville's name as "Tuberficial" and "Tuberface" is brilliant smack.

But the tumbleweed blowing by the restaurant and the pronunciation of Lubbock as "Low-buck" lends me to believe that the animators really are just snooty Texas fans. Then again, maybe the animators have never been to Texas—their version of tumbleweed doesn't do Texas justice. Arizona, yes, but Texas, no.

Everything is bigger in Texas. 

The Taiwanese animators also need to get with the times. The pink bubble dress worn by Tuberville is so passe—the high-low dress is en fuego. Just sayin. 

I find it hard to believe that Mrs. Tuberville would be driving a Ford Escort-like car in Texas—remember, only NASCAR drivers and their wives rent American cars to use around the various NASCAR venues due to their car-sponsored contracts. Mrs. Tuberville is definitely a Cadillac woman.

New Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury is portrayed as a gunslinger. That sounds about right since he played quarterback for Tech. But what's with the tortillas and/or pizza crusts being flung at Tuberville in the following scene? This is the part of Taiwanese animation that gets lost among most Americans, but probably amuses the hell out of our friends overseas. 

In any event, Tuberville did deny the whole dine-and-ditch-the-recruits allegation, according to a Yahoo! Sports story, and it makes sense if you believe everything that every university spokesperson has ever told the media.

Those reports are inaccurate. There was no contact between Coach Tuberville and Cincinnati prior to Saturday morning. Coach said he was at the dinner, talked with everyone, ate and went home.

So recruits say he left before the dinner came and the university said he was "at the dinner" and then "ate and went home."

Somewhere in there, the phrase "with the recruits" should have been included, but why nitpick over that when we have Taiwanese animators to tell us what really happened?