Meet The Newest Member Of Legacy, Batista!

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IMarch 25, 2009

As you all know Batista is currently out of action thanks to an injury. I personally am awaiting the return of The Animal.

When he comes back, I believe the WWE will try to make him a heel. And I think the best way to do that is bring him back at Wrestlemania and have him assist Randy Orton in destroying Triple H and joining Legacy.

This would be a great move for the WWE for many reasons. First of all if Batista becomes a heel he wouldn't get pushed as much and considering his age it's a smart move.

Another reason this is a good idea is because you would be teaming up in my opinion two of the most powerful (in different ways) superstars on Raw.

The final reason this would be good is having Batista betray and leave Legacy and challenge Orton for the WWE title (the one I hope he wins). Which would start a great feud between Dave and Randy.

This is how I see it in my mind...

Batista comes back at Wrestlemania, it looks like hes gonna attack Orton, but instead attacks Triple H. Orton joins him and they beat up The Game (title retained by Triple H).

Next Monday Night Raw, the mainevent is HHH vs Orton. Before the match starts Orton introduces the new member of Legacy (Batista if it's not obvious). Eventually Orton wins the match and the WWE title.

Orton holds the WWE title for 3-4 months, while Batista wins IC title and holds it for just a bit less. Batista says he's tired of taking a backseat to Orton and announces he's going to meet Orton at whatever pay-per view it is.

Batista and Orton meet for the WWE title, eventually Batista delivers 2 Batista Bombs and wins WWE title and becomes a face again.

Honestly that would be a great storyline for everyone for many reasons like the many shocks, the amazing alliance of Batista and Orton, the betrayal of Batista, and Batista becoming a heel, then face again.

This is probably the ultimate script, if only the WWE writers looked here for advice.