10 Gifts for Your MMA Fan

Gregory ChaseCorrespondent IDecember 19, 2012

10 Gifts for Your MMA Fan

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    If you're reading this, it means either you or someone you know is an MMA fan. With the holidays quickly approaching, you may have some last-minute gifts you need to buy or have the overwhelming desire to treat yourself. 

    Not to worry! This list consists of 10 items that can make your Christmas merrier and your holidays happier. Apologies for the lack of specific prices, but deals are everywhere and prices vary greatly! Enjoy!

1. UFC: Ultimate Fight Collection 2012

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    With this collection of 200 fights, which is on 20 discs and spanning 50 hours of UFC goodness, the MMA fan in your life will have more than enough to reminisce about from the UFC this past year. It is an annual product and picks up where the inaugural Fight Collection left off last year. This is a great addition to any MMA fan’s collection and an all-around great way to recap their favorite moments.

    Price can vary from source to source, but you’re looking around $90-plus.

2. UFC Official Fight Gloves

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    This little piece of equipment is a great gift for the MMA fan, especially one who may want to train a little themselves. While it can be used as a training glove, it has served a purpose of being a great item to bring to events to get signed by fighters. Whether your MMA fan stuffs them in their gym bag or puts them in a display case, these official fight gloves of the UFC will be a welcomed item. 

    Price: $50

3. MMA Clothing

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    While there are vast amounts of different types of MMA brand clothing, for these holidays, we all want to stay warm. So, to pick a specific item out of all of them is tough, but it has been boiled down to one of Hayabusa’s newer products.

    There are three different styles: Soar, Attack and Warrior. All three are premium hoodies and are very well-built. They lock in warmth and are very stylish, but also represent the sport without flooding the design with skulls or too many images. Keep your MMA fan warm and in style with Hayabusa’s Premium hoodies.

    Price: $79.95

4. Magazine Subscription

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    The MMA fan in your life probably loves to watch MMA on TV, research and read online and stay in tune with the world of MMA. What better way to keep them updated and involved than getting them a subscription to a MMA magazine?

    Fight! Magazine, Tapout, MMA Worldwide, Ultimate MMA and UFC Magazine are some great ones to look at. Some have different subscription and frequency rates, but all will be enjoyed by your MMA fan.

    Price: Varies per subscription

5. UFC Fight Club Membership

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    If you have an MMA fan that loves to shop on UFC.com or goes to events, this membership is a must. With the membership, your MMA fan can have access to fighter chats, the UFC Fight Club online community, access to exclusive video, wallpapers, icons, contests and events; and even better, gets exclusive access at PPV events, early access to tickets sales and a discount on all UFC merchandise online.

    To add a little something extra, they will also get an exclusive UFC Fight Club T-shirt!

    Price: $34.99 for Basic Membership, $74.99 for Ultimate Membership

6. MMA Books

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    It is a great stocking stuffer or a gift all on its own. There are many great pieces of literature out there: some about the sport, some focused on the UFC, some written about fighters and others written by fighters.

    The latter are probably some of the best ones. Look for Forrest Griffin’s Got Fight? and the follow up Be Ready When the $#!% Goes Down, as well as Chael Sonnen’s The Voice of Reason. These are lighter reads and are very entertaining. However, there are also MMA and UFC Encyclopedias, as well as biographies that are great as well.

    Price: Ranges per book 

7. Classes

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    Maybe that MMA fan in your life wants to take their passion beyond the couch and get involved in the sport. In that case, giving them classes/training at a local gym would be a great way to help them exercise and become more enthralled.

    Look for gyms that offer specific focuses they are interested in. The big ones are kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai, but there are many others that are just as great, and some gyms will offer MMA specific classes/training.

    Price: Varies from gym to gym

8. Gift Cards

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    While the gift may not scream originality, a gift card is not given the credit it is due. Get your MMA fan a gift card to any of the MMA merchandise websites. Whether it is UFC, MMA Warehouse, MMA Overload, Tapout or others, your MMA fan will be able to pick out just the right shirt, just the right equipment, etc.

    Gift cards give them the ability to choose what and when they want to shop for, and sometimes, other deals can follow the holidays. This way, they will be prepared and will get exactly what they are looking for!

    Price: Whatever you want to spend!

9. MMA Equipment

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    If your MMA fan wants to train but wants to have some equipment of their own, some MMA gear would be a sweet thing to unwrap this holiday. Some recommended starter equipment included items like hand wraps, gloves, a gym bag, etc. If you want to go further than that, look toward focus mitts, Thai pads, head/shin gear, etc., but a lot of this is for use with their friends or at the gym.

    A nice care package of a punching bag (preferably with stand!) with gloves and hand wraps would be a great way to help keep your MMA fan's cardio up and increase striking and core strength. 

    Price: Varies based on equipment

10. Tickets to an Event

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    Going to a live MMA event is exciting and a whole new experience from other professional sports events. The UFC isn’t the only one out there, but their events are the biggest and offer a truly unique experience. Any MMA fan would greatly appreciate going to a live show, and if the UFC is your promotion of choice, you can always look for the next Fan Expo to top off the event tickets.

    Even the UFC Fan Expo tickets by themselves is an amazing gift, but these events happen only every so often. If you're lucky enough to be able to send your MMA fan to one/go to one, it is a real treat. 

    Price: Ranges depending on seating, availability and event.