Ranking Each Pac-12 2013 Recruiting Class, Post Eldridge Massington Commitment

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Ranking Each Pac-12 2013 Recruiting Class, Post Eldridge Massington Commitment

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    The landscape of Pac-12 recruiting is slowly but surely changing, and you can thank Jim Mora and the UCLA Bruins for that.

    Mora and the Bruins are building up UCLA's program in the Pac-12, and their epic win over USC earlier this year went a long way to prove that statement. So did their presence in the Pac-12 championship game, although the Bruins ended up losing to Stanford.

    UCLA is also doing very well on the recruiting trail and if you need proof of that look no further than the latest UCLA commitment (Sean Ceglinsky/247Sports)—4-star receiver Eldridge Massington.

    Massington is the No. 20 receiver in the 2013 class according to the 247sports, so he's a big commitment from a talent standpoint, but what makes his decision even more important in the Pac-12 is the fact that Massington is a former USC commitment.

    This will go down as a big recruiting win for UCLA, and it's quite the opposite for USC.

    Like I said, the landscape of Pac-12 recruiting is starting to change.

    Here's a ranking of each recruiting class in the Pac-12 now that Massington has committed to UCLA.

    Sources: Rivals.com team rankings and 247Sports composite team rankings.

12. Colorado

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    Current Commitments: 12

    Rivals Overall Ranking: 73

    247Sports Composite Ranking: 86

    Well, nobody said it was easy, right?

    Colorado currently has the worst recruiting class in the Pac-12 and its 1-11 record and subsequent firing of head coach Jon Embree certainly didn't help the cause.

    The good news is that the Buffaloes were able to fill the vacancy with new head coach Mike MacIntyre, formerly of San Jose State, so the new sense of excitement and direction surrounding the program could help them out in recruiting.

    As it stands, Colorado doesn't have a recruit ranked higher than 3-stars by Rivals.

11. Oregon State

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    Current Commitments: 14

    Rivals Overall Ranking: 66

    247Sports Composite Ranking: 72

    Oregon State's current recruiting class is neither bad nor good. It just is what it is.

    Much like Colorado, Mike Riley's class doesn't have a recruit ranked over 3-stars according to Rivals, but they do have 12 of those 3-star recruits. 

    It's gotta be tough to recruit in the same state as Chip Kelly and Oregon, but either way, this class is a bit underwhelming.

10. Stanford

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    Current Commitments: 10

    Rivals Overall Ranking: 57

    247Sports Composite Ranking: 88

    For as much success as Stanford has had as of late, David Shaw's 2013 class is frankly disappointing.

    He has only brought in 10 recruits so far, and only four of them are 4-star players. For being one of the better programs in the Pac-12, this is unacceptable.

    There's still time to turn this class around, but there's no doubting that Shaw needs to get some big-time commitments sooner rather than later.

9. Arizona State

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    Current Commitments: 18

    Rivals Overall Ranking: 44

    247Sports Composite Ranking 41

    Todd Graham has done a pretty decent job with his 2013 recruiting class, but the Sun Devils can't be done yet.

    The good news is that ASU has 18 commitments, which is a great number at this point of the year. Only two of those commitments are higher than 3-stars though, in 4-star linebackers Chans Cox and Viliami Latu.

    The Sun Devils need to bring in more talent if they want to move up in these rankings.

8. Washington State

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    Current Commitments: 21

    Rivals Overall Ranking: 43

    247Sports Composite Ranking: 48

    Mike Leach has a good number of recruits committed so far to his 2013 class, so Washington State gets a pretty decent spot on these rankings.

    That said, be aware that out of the Cougars 21 current recruits, only one is a 4-star and 13 are 3-stars, so the high number of commitments is a bit misleading.

    This is still a fairly good class for Washington State, but in order to really be impressive, Leach will have to land a few more highly-ranked recruits.

7. Utah

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    Current Commitments: 25

    Rivals Overall Ranking: 29

    247Sports Composite Ranking: 45

    The Utes' 2013 class has 25 verbal commitments and 20 of those commitments are 3-star recruits, so again the number is a bit misleading.

    Utah does have one 4-star commitment in 4-star wide receiver Andre Lewis, who is 6'4'', 220 pounds and runs a 4.55 40 according to Rivals, so if anything, his talent alone plus the sheer number of commitments gets Utah this high in the rankings.

6. Arizona

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    Current Commitments: 25

    Rivals Overall Ranking: 21

    247Sports Composite Ranking: 30

    Rich Rodriguez has done an admirable job so far at Arizona, and that includes what he's done as a recruiter.

    Arizona has secured 25 verbal commitments, two of which are 4-star recruits. 4-star quarterback Anu Solomon and 4-star offensive guard Logan Stott are the two premier recruits in Arizona's class.

    With the exciting offense that Rodriguez is known to run, Arizona will continue to improve in recruiting. As far as this year is concerned, bringing in a few more 4-star recruits could push the Wildcats into my top five.

5. Oregon

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    Current Commitments: 12

    Rivals Overall Ranking: 47

    247Sports Composite Ranking: 39

    Chip Kelly and Oregon only have 12 commitments, but it's the quality of the recruits they have committed that gets Oregon into the top five of these rankings.

    Out of the 12 commitments, five are 4-star players. The Ducks also have one 5-star recruit in running back Thomas Tyner.

    Tyner is the perfect fit for Oregon's offense. He's 6'0'', 200 pounds, so he has the size to run between the tackles and he can pick up tough yards, but he also runs an amazing 4.38 40 according to Rivals.com.

    He has the intangibles to be a superstar at the college level, and he's undoubtedly one of the premier recruits in the 2013 class. Oregon gets a huge boost because of his commitment.

4. California

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    Current Commitments: 20

    Rivals Overall Ranking: 27

    247Sports Composite Ranking: 29

    New Cal head coach Sonny Dykes is going to be inheriting a very solid 2013 recruiting class.

    The Golden Bears currently have 20 commitments, and out of those 20, four are 4-star recruits.

    4-star cornerback Darius Allensworth, 4-star quarterback Jared Goff, 4-star offensive tackle Cameron Hunt, and 4-star running back Khalfani Muhammad are all features recruits in Cal's 2013 class.

    With the new direction and excitement a new coach will be bringing to the program, don't be surprised if this class gets even better before all is said and done.

3. Washington

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    Current Commitments: 21

    Rivals Ranking: 10

    247Sports Composite Ranking: 15

    Out of Steve Sarkisian's 21 current commitments, six are 4-star recruits and the rest are 3-star recruits, so he's bringing in a good amount of talent so far.

    The big recruit you'll want to know from this class is 4-star quarterback Troy Williams.

    Williams has the intangibles to be a premier quarterback for the Huskies. He checks in at 6'0'', 173 pounds, but he's extremely athletic and can be effective as a runner or a passer in the Pac-12.

    Williams really is a great duel-threat quarterback coming out of high school, and he's one of Washington's premier recruits.

    Overall, Washington has a very solid recruiting class.


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    Current Commitments: 19

    Rivals Overall Ranking: 11

    247Sports Composite Ranking: 16

    Jim Mora's 2013 class only has 19 recruits, but it's very high on talent. 10 of those recruits are 4-star players, and that includes the recent commitment of Massington.

    Another premier player committed to play for UCLA is 4-star offensive tackle Kenny Lacy, who's 6'6'', 270 pounds and projects to be a star offensive lineman at the college level.

    Talented football recruits are now looking at UCLA as a major option in the Pac-12. This is a trend that I expect will continue.

1. USC

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    Current Commitments: 16

    Rivals Overall Ranking: 1

    247Sports Composite Ranking: 1

    Lane Kiffin still has be best recruiting class in the 2013 class, but there's no doubting that USC recruiting has hit somewhat of a cold streak. USC lost the commitment of 5-star safety Max Redfield in November, and now they have to deal with Massington committing to UCLA.

    That said, USC still has a chance to regain Redfield's commitment, and Kiffin's class still does feature five, 5-star recruits. The rest of the class is made up of 4-stars, so it's very impressive.

    There's no doubting that USC still has the best class in the nation, let alone in the Pac-12.

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