DreadHeads: Do Dreadlocks Make You a Better Player?

Ricky UrriolaContributor IMarch 25, 2009

OAKLAND, CA - SEPTEMBER 9:  Defensive tackle Langston Moore #79 of the Detroit Lions peers through his dreads prior to their game against the Oakland Raiders at McAfee Coliseum on September 9, 2007 in Oakland, California.  The Lions defeated the Raiders 36-21 (Photo by Kevin Terrell/Getty Images)

The league is full of big playmakers, from wide receivers to offensive tackles and guards. But have you ever payed any attention to your favorite player's hairstyle?

First of all, think about a few of your favorite NFL players. There is a good chance that at least one player you're thinking of has dreadlocks. It is actually kind of interesting when you really think about it. Almost every position you can play on an NFL team has players with dreads.

Receivers like Larry Fitzgerald, running backs like Marion Barber and Chris Johnson, and even some O-Line players around the league sport the hairstyle. And this isn't only in the NFL; in FIFA, they have players like Ronaldinho with dreads as well. Baseball also has many players with dreadlocks, like Manny Ramirez.

So why is it that a player in professional sports with dreadlocks has a better chance at having a successful career? For example, Larry Fitzgerald had zero dropped catches in the 2009 season. It wasn't luck, because he was the main receiver. It was the dreads. Ronaldinho, ManRam, and Barber are all superb athletes as well. See a connection?

Even Randy Moss and Dwayne Bowe sport a weird style of the hairdo, and they're also amazing athletes. So should more athletes consider dreads? Does the hairstyle attract more attention from the media? What is your opinion on this subject?