The Doctor's Special WWE Week SmackDown and Main Event Recap

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistDecember 20, 2012

Picture by Natasha Farley (Images property of WWE, BBC and Bleacher Report)
Picture by Natasha Farley (Images property of WWE, BBC and Bleacher Report)

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to my weekly SmackDown recap list. I always appreciate my loyal readers, but for those of you who are new, each week I recap SmackDown with a long list.
The entries are made up of equal parts observations, humor, recap, play-by-play, revelations, speculations, questions, answers and anything else I notice during the show. I sometimes comment on commercials, too, just because I get bored during them.

Since this is WWE week and SmackDown was shown live on Tuesday, I thought I would do a special combo SmackDown/Main Event recap list.

I try to interject some fun into these lists, so I hope you have fun reading this week's list of the things we learned, loved and hated from the shows.


1. And we are LIVE with this week's SmackDown.
2. I don't get to say that too often about SmackDown.
3. Miz is in the ring after the opening recap video for MizTV.
4. He reminds us that the show is commercial free, which is also awesome!
5. Even more awesome! Dolph Ziggler, AJ and Big E. Langston are his guests.
6. These three people are easily some of the more interesting focal points coming out of Raw.
7. AJ and Ziggler kiss on the ramp before coming to the ring.
8. Miz asks them why they did what they did and AJ does his "really" thing back to him.
9. She says if Cena didn't toy with her heart, this wouldn't have happened.
10. Are they bringing the Bella dating Cena thing into the show?
11. I honestly think AJ could be a great actress. I hope she gets a shot at TV or movies at some point.
12. Funny how AJ leaves out Kane in her list of past love interests.
13. Just because the guy wears a mask and sets people on fire, she's gotta hate on him like that. Poor form, AJ.
14. Ziggler says AJ is passionate, not crazy. But after Vickie, can we really trust his judgment?
15. Ziggler calls their makeout session on Raw the hottest kiss to ever be on the show.
16. Why is that a thing someone who calls themselves a pro wrestler cares about?
17. Ziggler uses his new slogan to show how it came true. He stole the show and his girlfriend.
18. Langston takes Miz down for no reason and then lifts him up for the same finisher he hit Cena with on Raw.
19. The three stand over Miz and AJ skips around the other two to end the segment.
20. I would love to invent real time travel so I could show this segment to Vincent J. McMahon 50 years ago and watch his reaction.

21. Teddy walks up to Booker backstage and he has someone he wants Booker to give an opportunity to.
22. It's Brad Maddox. Booker questions Teddy on this.
23. Teddy asks if Booker is afraid of controversy and he asks who it could hurt to give him a tryout.
24. We will find out who he is facing when he goes out to the ring.
25. Damien Sandow is out for the next match with Burt Reynolds Jr. by his side.
26. Sin Cara is his opponent.
27. I am tired of seeing this team compete in different combinations of matches.
28. They are all talented, but I just want some new matches. I want to see SinSterio feud with Epico and Primo and see some awesome high-flying matches.
29. Rey isn't with Sin Cara. Kind of interesting.
30. Rhodes pulling Sin Cara off the ropes behind the ref's back is probably why Mysterio was left in the back.
31. Wait a second. I just realized that Cody Rhodes is not a very lucky partner to win the titles with.
32. Bob Holly: Teamed with Rhodes and was released shortly after their break up
33. Ted DiBiase: Teamed with Rhodes and has not had much success since their break up.
34. Drew McIntyre: Faded to near-obscurity after teaming with Rhodes until returning in...a  rock band?
35. I truly hope Damien Sandow breaks the streak and reaches great heights after their partnership eventually ends.
36. Had there been commercials in this show, this match would not have seemed nearly as long as it came off tonight.
37. The Shield make their way to the ring while Sin Cara is in the ring.
38. Roman Reigns pulls out Mysterio's mask and throws it to Cara, implying they have disposed of Rey already.
39. Sandow uses the distraction to hit his finisher and get the win.
40. After the match, they attack Sin Cara and Seth Rollins hits a brutal-looking move to Sin Cara's knee from the top rope.
41. Cara sells the injury like he broke something. Kudos to him.

42. Wow! The Albert chants start before Tensai and Santino lock up for the next match.
43. Tensai demolishes Santino in the early going.
44. Santino tries to body slam Tensai and he fails miserably.
45. Michael Cole admonishes Josh Mattews for thinking 10x11=1100.
46. JBL rightly points out that if he didn't know who Freddie Mercury was, then he wouldn't know simple math.
47. Santino ends up actually hitting the body slam the second time he tries it and then he pulls out the Cobra sleeve to make everything a little harder to take seriously.
48. Santino steals a win from Tensai.
49. What a waste of a great talent.
50. You figure out which one I am talking about.

51. Daniel Bryan and Kane are backstage with Kofi Kingston and they have a back-and-forth about the Slammys.
52. Wade Barrett and Prime Time Players vs. Kofi Kingston and Team Hell No is up next.
53. The camera cuts away to the crowd for no reason and Cole tries to pretend like they were looking for The Shield.
54. Cole says both Mysterio and Sin Cara are severely injured due to the Shield.
55. The babyfaces get the win with Kane chokeslamming Darren Young for the win.
56. I think if I had to pick, I would say that Titus O'Neil will be the more successful out of the two PTP members.
57. I don't know why he would be the more successful. He just has that quality I think Young hasn't developed yet that I can't define.
58. Sheamus and John Cena joke around a bit before talking about their tag match later tonight.
59. Sheamus asks what happened with AJ and he says no one is around to hear like the camera isn't right next to him.
60. Cena whispers it in Sheamus' ear and there is a flurry of different expressions going across Sheamus' face as he listens to the tale.
61. After he is done, Sheamus asks if it is true and Cena says no and walks away while Sheamus asks if whatever it is he was told is actually possible.
62. That was actually an entertaining segment at the end and I wouldn't normally say that about Cena and Sheamus.

63. CM Punk is out next with his crutches and Paul Heyman carrying his WWE title.
64. Punk delivers a promo about how the fans screwed him out of the Superstar of the Year award.
65. I'm shocked CM Punk was able to call the Slammys a prestigious awards show without laughing.
66. Punk addresses some fan off-camera during his promo and makes fun of him. I am curious if he did that to someone real or if he just said it to make it look like he was insulting someone in the audience.
67. Punk says he will be here next year as champion because no one will beat him.
68. Ryback comes out to ruin a really great promo.
69. Ryback says he is going to become WWE champion on the first Raw of the new year.
70. JBL is right to question why Ryback can just make his own match.
71. Antonio Cesaro comes out to face Ryback in the next match.
72. The Goldberg chants come and go throughout the match.
73. Cesaro tries to take his belt and leave and when Ryback goes to stop him, Cesaro runs him into the steel steps.
74. Ryback makes it back in before the 10-count.
75. Cesaro hits a nice European uppercut off the middle rope for a near fall.
76. Ryback gets the win with the Shell Shocked.
77. Surprise, surprise.

78. After a Tribute to the Troops promo, we get a segment where AJ and Kaitlyn are talking backstage.
79. AJ cries after Kaitlyn says it is hard to be her friend, but she snaps back to being serious in a split second.
80. AJ attacks her and they fight until some officials come and break it up.
81. Eve's music hits and she is out for her title defense against Kaitlyn.
82. Kaitlyn comes out after having just been in a fight backstage.
83. Eve goes right to work on Katie and whips her by the hair down to the mat.
84. Eve has become one of the more versatile Divas in WWE. She uses a different set of moves in each match to complement her signatures.
85. Eve takes a page out Mr. Anderson's book and hits a Mic Check for a near fall.
86. This crowd is killing this match. Eve is actually wrestling a decent match and they give her nothing.
87. Kaitlyn almost wins with a somewhat sloppy sunset flip.
88. Katie hits the reverse DDT for a close near fall.
89. Eve is a little less pretty after having her face smashed into the announce table.
90. I'm just kidding. She's still hot.
91. Eve ends up holding onto the ref's leg until he falls down and calls for the DQ.
92. Eve retains the title in a DQ loss and Kaitlyn looks pissed.

93. AJ is backstage telling Ziggler and Langston how Kaitlyn attacked her and Big Show walks up.
94. Show threatens Ziggler and Langston gives him the stink-eye.
95. I kind of like Show's insult about knocking Ziggler out until his title shot expires.
96. We see a replay of Raw when Sheamus turned the giant chair back on Big Show.
97. I wanted Ziggler to cash in when that happened, but I kind of liked how Cena finally took a cheap shot on someone and attacked Ziggler from behind and took him out.
98. Brad Maddox comes out saying his name over and over as he comes to the ring.
99. He isn't even getting heat. This crowd is just ignoring him.
100. Brodus Clay is his surprise opponent and Maddox looks less than thrilled.
101. I am a fan of Naomi after the match she had at TLC. This girl is athletic and with a little work, she could be the next big thing in the Divas division.
102. I like Clay's Run DMC-style gold chain. Brings me back to the '80s.
103. Clay grabs Maddox and slams him right away and then hits some headbutts to the back of Maddox.
104. If Maddox just keeps taking beatings like this, we should just start calling him Barry Horowitz.
105. Clay hits his splash for the quick pin and the win.
106. The Shield jump Clay after the match and beat the hell out of him.
107. They hit the triple powerbomb on Clay and shake the foundation of the building.
108. I think Seth Rollins and Kaitlyn go to the same person to get their hair dyed.

109. The main event is next, and Langston and AJ are with Ziggler for this match.
110. Before Cena and Ziggler can even lock up, the crowd is going nuts with the chants.
111. Ziggler tags out right away and Show comes in and takes Cena down immediately. Cena ends up hitting a dropkick, a move I have noticed him using more and more recently.
112. Big Show hits a nice-looking spear to take Cena down.
113. That looked great the way Cena went airborne and changed directions when Show barreled into him.
114. Ziggler comes in and drops nine elbows and a jumping elbow drop for a near fall on Cena.
115. Cena is taking the brunt of the damage in this match, which means Sheamus will come in off the hot tag and clean house in a few minutes.
116. Cena sends Ziggler into the lights with a back drop to get some breathing room, but Big Show is in off the tag to keep him down.
117. Does Big E. Langston have more than one facial expression?
118. JBL's hat is on the floor and nobody is picking it up for him. Have some damn respect for the best full-time announcer in WWE today and pick up his hat, AJ or Big E!
119. I am a big fan of how Big Show has brought the Claw back to WWE recently. He uses it on the shoulder and ribs of opponents.
120. Ziggler hits the Fame-asser on Sheamus for a near fall and I just realized something. The announcers never actually call that move anything when he hits it, unless they incorrectly call it a Zig Zag. They just sort of wait for him to got to a pin so they can talk about that.
121. This time it is Cena's turn for the hot tag and he puts Ziggler through all his signatures.
122. Sheamus and Big Show end up fighting each other up the ramp and Ziggler hits the Zig Zag for a two count.
123. After hitting an AA on Ziggler, Cena gets taken out by Langston for a DQ.
124. AJ and Ziggler make out right over the prone body of John Cena while Langston stands there and watches. It is as creepy as it sounds.
125. Having this show commercial free really made a difference for me.
126. I think the matches came across better and it felt like we had a lot packed into one show.

Main Event

127. I am really liking Main Event so far. This show has a unique format that really breaks up the WWE week.
128. Miz and Michael Cole are not going to start the show in the ring tonight.
129. We see a replay of when Cody Rhodes was injured during a back drop from Kane.
130. Miz and Cole put over how Cody came back in less than a month from several injuries.
131. I have pinpointed the reason the video packages on Main Event are better than the ones we see on Raw and SmackDown. It is because they not only cover a long period of time rather than what has happened in the last few weeks, but they also feature things not related the match itself.
132. They are more like the promos WWE would use to hype someone's return from injury like they did for Wade Barrett with the bare-knuckle boxing videos.
133. Did any of that make sense?
134. We get an outstanding video for the Rhodes Scholars/Team Hell No feud. I think the fact that WWE has a tag team feud that has been this good at all speaks to how much work they have done to rebuild the division.
135. There are a few mustache signs in the crowd tonight for the tag title match.
136. Kane is the odd man out in this match when it comes to facial hair, but at least he has a mask.
137. Bryan is very close to approaching a Mike Knox-level beard.
138. Cody and Bryan were going to start, but Cody tells Bryan to tag in Kane and he obliges.
139. Miz mocks the stache as Kane and Cody trade offense leading up to a big uppercut from Kane.
140. Sandow is slow to get into the ring after getting the tag from a hurt Rhodes.
141. Kane nearly decapitates Sandow with a low dropkick for a two-count.
142. Good Lord! Bryan gave Sandow about a dozen knees right to the back.
143. Cody plays like he is injured to lure Kane outside and then he runs him into the steel steps.
144. When we return from the break we see Sandow screaming at the ref that he knows how to count when he breaks on a four-count during an illegal move.
145. Wow! Miz actually mentions John Morrison by name when he references his old tag team.
146. After a second commercial break we see Bryan still getting thrashed by Sandow and Rhodes.
147. Sandow ends up hitting his finisher on Kane but Bryan breaks up the pin.
148. Cody hits Bryan with Cross Rhodes and then goes to his corner so he can get the tag.
149. Cody hits Kane with the Disaster Kick and Kane kicks out.
150. Kane ends up hitting Cody with a Chokeslam and Bryan follows up with the flying headbutt for the pin and the win to retain their titles.
151. That was a pretty good match. Both teams had some great moments.

152. After some videos packages we get Team CoBro vs. Prime Time Players.
153. A show of only tag matches is very rare, even for only an hour.
154. Miz runs down a list of legendary tag teams as his favorites and Cole says The Beverly Brothers.
155. Cole doesn't make me laugh too often, but that was one of those times.
156. Prime Time Players end up getting the win in a decent match.
157. WWE's tag team division was on full display tonight, but some of their best talents are still waiting for a push.
158. The Usos need to be given a shot as the champs to prove they have what it takes to carry the division.
159. I usually enjoy Main Event and tonight was no exception.
160. WWE Week has been pretty good so far.
161. TLC was a great show. Raw was decent. SmackDown and Main Event were both entertaining shows.
162. If those theories on the apocalypse end up being true and this is the last recap list, then I will say it was a pleasure doing this every week.
163. If we do survive, then I will see you next week.
164. I'll see you next week.


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