MLB 13 the Show Employing New Universal Profile System

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIDecember 18, 2012

image from MLB 13 The Show Facebook
image from MLB 13 The Show Facebook

Sony San Diego already has the premiere baseball simulation on the planet from a gameplay standpoint, now they are attempting to brush up the appeal of the game in other aspects.

They have adopted the fan cover vote process to drive interaction and awareness of the game, per This process has seen huge success with other sports game franchises like Madden

Now they are also introducing the use of XP (experience points) into the overall experience. This concept isn’t new to sports gaming—as many franchises use it, or something similar—but the way it is explained in The Show Nation’s forum via moderator is new to this series.

Gamers will gain XP for doing any and everything in the game. The XP you earn creates a track record. This track record is called your Universal Profile, and it is used to create a gaming imprint for you that tells a story about the way you play the game.

In online modes, another user will be able to look at the XP you’ve earned, and it’ll tell them something about you as a Show gamer.

As I said, this isn’t a new concept, but in essence, it appears to be an attempt to tighten up the overall package.

The Show series has been so good from a visual and gameplay standpoint, I’m not sure there is a ton of room for growth on those fronts—at least not on this current generation of consoles.

The next significant improvement we see from a graphics/animation or gameplay standpoint may come on the Sony PS4 or Xbox 720. For now, these types of improvements that target the gamer’s overall experience—online and offline—is a smart approach.

The moderator states:

“The Universal Profile additions in MLB® 13 are just a small first step towards much bigger plans in the years to come. We want to create a universal sense of progression for users regardless of their platform or play style, and this year’s efforts are just the beginning of this evolution.”

I’m interested to see how this concept develops in the coming months, and over an even longer time. Stay tuned for more information on MLB 13 The Show as it becomes available.


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