Vince Can't See Me: EHW Week One

Lucas BerndtCorrespondent IMarch 25, 2009

Welcome to Extreme Hardcore Wrestling. Tonight you will see matches from many superstars you know and love.



The Rock

Hulk Hogan

Steve Austin

John Cena

Triple H


Big Show



Shawn Michaels

Chris Jericho

Booker T

Kurt Angle

Chris Sabin

Alex Shelley

The Hurricane

Brock Lesnar


Billy Kidman

Jeff Hardy

Matt Hardy

The Miz

John Morrison

Bubba Ray Dudley

D-Von Dudley


EHW Champion (The Rock)

King of Hell Championship (Undertaker)

Hardcore Championship (D-Von Dudley)

Intercontinental Championship (Kane)

Tag Team Champs (The Miz and John Morrison)



JR and King


Tonight's Matches

EHW Championship match: Hell In A Cell

The Rock vs. Chris Sabin

The Rock and Sabin fight a grueling match leading to Sabin losing after three Rock Bottoms and Two People's Elbows

Your Winner and still champion: The Rock


King Of Hell Championship First Contender Match Hell In The Cell Street Fight

Alex Shelley vs. Booker T

Shelley takes Booker T after hitting him with a variety of weapons then smashing him through a table. Shelley is wounded badly during the match though and must push his title shot to two weeks after the next PPV.


Tag Team Championship Cage Match (Escape Only)

The Miz and John Morrison Vs. The Hardy Boyz

The Miz and Morrison lose after they were Twist Of Fated at the same time. Jeff though rubbed it in by doing a Swanton bomb to each of them off the top of the cage

Your Winners and New Champions: The Hardy Boyz


Intercontinental Championship First Contender Match Hardcore Match

Steve Austin vs. RVD

Steve Austin wins after using the Stunner on RVD then beating him with a trash can. At the end of the match, though, Kane the Intercontinental Champ comes in and punches Austin. He then sets up a table and chokeslams Austin through it.

At the end of the show you see Hulk Hogan and The Hurricane in Hulk's Dressing Room. They discuss who is going to be on their hit list. They soon decide and hang it on the wall. You see at the top in big letters: Edge as their first target.

Remember folks, The Dark Resonance PPV is in two weeks.