Dear America: The "World" Series Should No Longer Hold That Title

David ArreolaSenior Analyst IMarch 25, 2009

Dear America,

The World Series should no longer hold that title. For the title "World Series" implies the whole world.

So why are the World Series Champs called the World Champions?

Because MLB teams are the best, right?


The days of American baseball dominance have long been over and it has taken until now to prove it.

By defeating Korea for their second straight World Baseball Classic championship, Japan has a legitimate claim to call themselves the World's best baseball nation.

Some of you are asking, who cares? Well, everyone except the United States apparently. Not that the traditional U.S. fan base has ever truly cared about prestigious international competition, besides the Olympics.

What makes the World Baseball Classic so special and different than the Men's World Cup of Baseball (you may want to wiki that...) is that the WBC allows professional players to play.

That means that the best of the best get to represent their country. To once and for all prove, who is the best baseball nation.

I have no doubt that if America fielded it's best players from MLB, they could win. But, their players don't have enough national pride (or don't want to get caught 'roiding) to wear the American colors on their jerseys.

Japan and Korea fielded the very best from their own leagues, as well as the few from MLB.

As a result, they both advanced to the finals.

But, I digress.

I will now return to the point of this article.

The point is the title "World Series" should be changed because it no longer represents the WORLD'S BEST TEAM.

Many Americans have a hard time believing that Japanese, Korean, Cuban, or even Mexican teams can compete with American teams.

If you had watched the World Baseball Classic in 2006 and 2009, you would think otherwise.

I firmly believe the Japanese Champion could beat the MLB Champion in a best of seven; the Korean Champion also.

I would put money on the Cuban Champion to beat the MLB Champion.

Having said all that, I believe baseball is about to find it's savior. Something that will make fans forget all about steroids.

I am talking about international club competitions. Much like world football, clubs from different countries compete for titles and money.

If a Phillies fan can't tune in to watch the USA against Puerto Rico, I bet they would tune in to watch them play in an international competition that decides the best in the world.

Can you see it now? The Champions from around the world meeting every year to compete for the REAL World Series.

No other country calls their professional champion the "world's best."

Why should we?

—David Arreola