My Fantasy Team

William NorthContributor IMarch 24, 2008

With the minutes ticking away to the first pitch of the Major League Baseball season, I find myself looking over my fantasy roster. I must admit feeling pangs of regret for some of the choices.

However, there is room for excitement.

Perhaps if I had purchased more forecasting magazines, Juan Uribe would remain a free agent in my league. But I went with a gut feeling, and now must hope for the best from a less-than-exciting player.

Looking further down the lineup, I realize I've put quite a bit of pressure on the Pittsburgh Pirates. 

I drafted the trio of  Freddy Sanchez, Nate MClouth, and Jose Bautista. I began by researching McClouth, who may be on the verge of making a name for himself. McClouth lead me to Sanchez, with whom I was familiar from watching the batting average battles over the last couple of years. Honestly, Bautista was an afterthought, but he just seemed to fit.

Justin Morneau and Vladimir Guerruro (barring injury) are my anchors. Ideally, I would like to see them have identical numbers, ranging in the .300-35-130 area. This would make marginally smaller contributions from Mike Lowell and Aaron Hill less important.

I went with a sentimental choice at catcher. Zaun has toiled for years as a Back-up, Toronto has given him the full-time chance and he  has had ranging success. I had essentially forgotten the position and remembered reading Gregg Zaun's name in an article, so I penciled him into the nine slot. I've laboured over the Batting order with what is now a stub of a #2 pencil but have come up with what I hope will ultimately bring victory. I'll be happpy enough if the guys live up to my meagre expectations.



           3.J. Morneau



           6. A.Hill




What I am liking most about fantasy baseball is the way that I have discovered new players who play in much the same way as my heroes of the past.

And to keep up with my team, I will be almost forced to watch teams that haven't interested me in the past.

If all goes well, I may even buy a Pirates hat.